Monday, March 17, 2008

Things Are A Little Quieter Than Usual

Poor Luke! Luke hasn't been sick since December 04, he has an incredible immune system (probably in part to sucking on dirty fingers from birth to 5 years old!) But, Sunday morning he woke up with a fever and tummy ache. He was still bouncing off the walls and being Luke while everyone else was getting ready for church (amidst Megan's frequent comments, "I don't think he his that sick"), but by the time I came home from church he was lying still on the couch with his pajamas on still (major clue he is definitely sick as he is dressed first thing every morning!), a sippy cup of water ("so it doesn't spill on me when I drink laying down."). He stayed in that position pretty much all day. He doesn't complain, he doesn't cry, you'd barely know he was even in the house . . . that is how you know Luke must be sick!! Get better soon Lukeee!!


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