Thursday, May 8, 2008

Glad My Tax Dollars Pay For A School Bus

My kids have been waiting all Spring to ride their bikes to school. We live exactly 1.5 miles from the school (which is why we qualify for the bus), and I think it is too far for Megan and Luke to ride alone, so who had to go along for the ride? Yep, me! Mondays and Tuesdays have not been an option (volunteering and early morning choir), and up until yesterday, Mondays and Tuesdays were the only "bike riding temperatures." So yesterday was the big day. ( yes it was cold and rainy later in the morning, but wasn't first thing) Preparing for the ride took longer than the actual ride, helmets for all, blankets and snacks for the trailer kids, etc! Off we went. On the way to the school, I felt very tired and couldn't figure out why it was so hard. Of course pulling 70 lbs is somewhat difficult, but I began to wonder if there was an incline to the street!? I finally figured it out as I enjoyed the ride home... I wasn't trying to keep up with Luke and Megan! Once I had taken them to school, and was on the return trip I could ride at my own leisurely pace!!!! All in all it was an enjoyable experience, although midway through Joshua removed his helmet completely, Ellie was instructed to stop picking Joshua's nose boogers, so he wouldn't keep crying, and I was thrilled that at least some of my tax dollars go to good use, and I don't have to ride bikes every day.

P.S. I was actually quite relieved that it rained later in the day because I would have had to return to pick up Luke from Kindergarten, and then again in the afternoon to pick up Megan. (Potentially a total 12 mile trip for me.) Thank goodness for a suburban to load 2 bikes into!
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