Sunday, June 1, 2008

Want a laugh????

So after I finished my shift at the temple Saturday morning, I walked from the dressing room to the front of the temple to exit.(approx. 100 ft) Just as I approached the front desk two dear sisters stopped me and said, "Sister, back up against the wall and fix your dress." The back (right-half)of my dress was tucked up into my dress tie in the back!!!!!!! Of course I was wearing no slip!!
My blessing from my service in the temple yesterday morning? Humiliation. The 10 or so people in the foyer's blessing from being in the temple yesterday morning? A good laugh as I exposed my underwear to them!
But I'll have you all know, I walked out the front doors, with my head held high, laughing all the way to the car....
P.S. As soon as I got home I did a "demonstration" for Mike and Megan, as I began, Mike started to laugh-assuming I was telling something I OBSERVED. I had to repeat two times, "NO-IT HAPPENED TO ME!" The look on Mike's face: sheer mortification! It was priceless!


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