Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Moustache Kind"


Perhaps I give my children too much of a complex about getting red juice on their faces when they drink, because now before any drink that isn't water,
Ellie will ask, "Is this moustache kind?"
Yes, Ellie today it is.

**Laundry tip-BOILING hot water will get any red juice/red berry/red popsicle etc. stain out of clothing. Pour it directly on the fabric and watch the stain INSTANTLY disappear! You need that tip at our house when Crystal Light Fruit Punch is the favorite drink of choice!**
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Monday, September 29, 2008


I am...who I am. And guess what? I like it!
I think...way too much about a lot of things.
I want...to quit feeling yucky
I have...a very good memory.
I miss...my Granny. I wish she was around to see me as a mother.
I hear...Ellie talking to herself while doing a puzzle.
I cry...at least every day. (Duh-I'm pregnant!?)
I wish...more people truly knew their worth. It would alleviate a lot of problems!
I care...how my kids look when they go out in public. (Most of the time!)
I always...tell my children to make good choices.
I worry...about almost everything.
I am not...a fake person. What you see is what you get!!
I remember...the security of my childhood.
I sing...into anything within reach that can be used as a microphone!
I don't always...brush my teeth before bed! AAGGHH-Can you believe I just admitted that!
I argue...mostly with Megan! (If I let her, she'd try to argue the sky isn't blue!)
I write...regularly in a journal.
I win...at Scrabble more times than Mike. (We keep a spreadsheet!)
I lose...my temper more than I should!
I listen...to Ellie talk/sing to herself nearly all day.
I don't understand...backbiting and gossipy women!!
I can usually be found...at home.
I need...to appreciate the different times and seasons of my life more.
I forget...hardly anything!
I am happy...whenever I'm not ornery!

Tagging anyone who would like to answer a lot of questions!

Friday, September 26, 2008

An Evening Out

Thank you to Mike's parents for giving us an evening at the Ringling Brother's Circus. And thank you to my parents for allowing us to enjoy it by letting Joshua stay with them!
Tiredly, the children reported their favorite parts as we walked to the car after the show.
Megan: "The elephants and the trapeze people."
Luke: "The dirt bikes riding in the cage and the tigers."
Ellie, having just awoken from a 30 minute nap, and probably confusing Luke's response, answered, "The elephants riding the dirt bikes." (Now THAT WOULD be a circus!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Luke and Daddy

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Yet again, a picture speaks a thousand words. I went into the garage on Saturday night, and this is what greeted me by the door. It was such a poignant picture, I had to capture it forever.
The song, "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins reminds me so much of Mike and Luke. It is on my playlist below, and is well worth listening to, if you haven't heard it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today I laughed when...

Ellie exclaimed, "I really wish I was a mom already by now."

Luke complained, after having been asked to get in the shower, "I showered yesterday. How about not until I am 60 will I have to take a shower EVERY DAY?"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Sense of Ownership

Either, I am very easy to please... or I don't get out enough... But Mike was shocked when yesterday he mentioned to me that he had been invited and the kids would probably want to be part of the Governor/Contractor's Motorcade in the grand opening of Legacy Highway. The kids excited? What about the wife? I thought it sounded so fun. All 6 of us (car seats included) together riding in Daddy's big yellow loud (diesel) work truck on a brand new stretch of highway?!
Mike couldn't believe my enthusiasm. Even the 45 minute chasing Joshua running on the highway while the governor spoke was worth it. Not only can we see Legacy Highway from our back patio, and thus watched the construction since it's beginning, but, Mike is responsible for all of the landscaping on the highway. So between storing landscaping product in our garage, handing out cold drinks to his workers, Mike's broken foot injury from working on the highway, and trying not to spill meals all over Legacy Highway Plans spread out on our kitchen table, we as a family feel a slight sense of ownership in the highway. Our lives have revolved around the highway for months (and will continue in the months ahead as the landscape planting can now "officially" begin.)

So today was fun in many ways. The children enthusiastically helped Mike make the work truck shiny and clean for the journey. Nana and Grandpa rode their bikes along the trail that runs parallel to the highway and waved and took pictures of us, Megan and Luke got to shake hands with Governor Huntsman (no camera then!!!), even Mike's dad joined in on the fun. (Steve had never seen me this excited about anything before; either that is the really sad reality of my life, or he hasn't been around me enough!) So today, the Sowby Family was part of history. We drove in the official grand opening motorcade of Legacy Highway.
Now I've got to finish-got to make it upstairs in time for the 10:00pm news. Who knows? There might be someone waving very enthusiastically from the inside of a big yellow loud work truck...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Makes A Person 'Good'?

For Family Home Evening, we took turns dressing up as someone from the Book of Mormon and would have the other family members guess who we were based on clues we would give them. When it came time for Ellie's turn, she carefully got dressed up, stood on the couch and announced very seriously, “I am a Mollonite. I am very good. I am nice to everyone and I change my underwear everyday.”

Hmm-is that what she has learned from me, or from the Book of Mormon about what makes a person 'good'!?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Random pictures I found on my camera! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll skip the words this time. (But please pay attention, and guess the picture I think I could (and should!) do a whole post on.)
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Past, Present and Future

20 year ago...
1. I had only lived in America for 5 months!!
2. Was trying to figure out 9th grade of Junior High: trying to get used to school with boys AND girls, no school uniform, noisy halls, talking while in the lunchroom not having to acknowledge any teachers or adults you passed in the hall, and not saying any prayers, or doing any bible reading at school! (Seminary doesn't count!)
3. I loved listening to Janice Kapp Perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago...
1. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child, Megan.
2. I didn't appreciate the joys of being alone with my husband with no kids yet.
3. I lived above a four-car garage, (no questions please?!)

5 years ago...
1. I was just about to find out I was pregnant with Ellie.
2. Was one of the best years of our married life.
3. I had recently returned from England for my Granny's funeral.

3 years ago...
1. We had just moved into our current home.
2. Megan began first grade.
3. I didn't think we would have any more children. (Joshua is glad I changed my mind!)

1 year ago...
1. I cried and cried when Luke got on the school bus for his first day at Kindergarten.
2. I made lots of batches of salsa.
3. I sewed Halloween costumes!!

This year so far...
1. We consider ourselves extremely blessed.
2. I still love Mike, despite his foot injury and the stress it caused ME!
3. Mike and I have not watched a movie together!

1. We bought cabinets for the office (Yeah!)
2. I loved the rainy weather.
3. We had a yummy breakfast and played Rock Band with my brothers/parents.

1. I am organizing the office-believe me, it is a several day task!!
2. I am going to have ribs for dinner-YUMMY!
3. I found some old photos and loved looking through them.

1. I will probably still be working on our office.
2. I need to work on my lesson for Relief Society on Sunday
3. I am not going to yell at my children.

Next year...
1. Ellie will be in Kindergarten.
2. Hopefully my office will be organized for more than 2 days at a time.
3. I hope we are all still well, healthy, loving each other and together!

I tag...
1. Kim
2. Michelle
3. Heather


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