Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving was as usual yummy and entertaining.

Though I LOVE mashed potatoes, and Mimi's homemade stuffing, I also LOVED playing Nerts, Kings In The Corner, and Wacky Sixes. (Even though, I accidentally called my Aunt Paula (who just so happens to be one of the NICEST, KINDEST people I know), and my kind sister-in-law, Cindy a 'butthead' during a game or two!)

Happy Thanksgiving, we are very blessed.

Ellie, "Preschool"
Luke, "Everything"
Megan, "A school education"
Daddy, "Two feet to get me around"
Mommy, "Warm house, food in the fridge, and money in the bank."

Note to Santa: We didn't get our annual Thanksgiving Day picture due to my camera making me if you have any extra cameras in your sleigh...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Won't Take It Personally...

That yesterday, I didn't have time to get showered and dressed before taking Ellie to school. So I hurried and threw on some (shock, gasp) sweats and a sweatshirt to take my FOUR YEAR OLD to pre-school. Ellie walked in and said, "Oh Mom, wear something more betterer than that."

Or today, when she said, "When I'm all the way a mom and all the way grown big. Will my hands and ears get big like yours?"

Or when she looked at my tummy (THAT HAS A BABY GROWING INSIDE!!), and said, "Oh look, your bubble is getting a little bit big."

Monday, November 24, 2008

History Repeats...

Last year, Luke earned the title, "Mr. Christmas." Based on his non-stop Christmas chatter yesterday, we believe he may be given the title again this year. Enjoy the sampling of what we heard all day Sunday.

"How many more days until Christmas?"

"Daddy wouldn't let me wear my Christmas tie, he said it was too noisy."
"Can we get the Christmas books out after church?"
"Oh! Where is the reindeer sweater I wore last year?"
"How many more days til we put the Christmas tree up?"
"When will Dad get out the Christmas books?"
"I can't wear any shirt today. I don't have a Christmas one. I'm just not going to wear one then!"
"Jayden is putting his Christmas tree up in four days."
"My reindeer sweater still fits me, even though I wore it when I was 4."
"Mom, can you buy me some Christmas socks?"
"I'm drawing a Christmas picture to take to Nana's."

"Does Joshua have his first ornament?"
"Joshua, be quiet and good so Dad will get the Christmas books out."
"Dad when are you getting the Christmas books out?"
"Where did my candy cane go from Nana?"
"Joshua, help me do clean up so Daddy will get out the Christmas books."
"Where are the Christmas books?"
"How do you spell C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s?"
"Can we get out just some ornaments?"
"Why don't you plug the 'garlic' (garland) in?"
"When will you go to the store to see if they have boy Christmas shirts?"
"Will you read me a Christmas book before bed?"
"It's not fair, Megan has taken three Christmas books to bed with her."
"Look at their Christmas lights."
"This is my favorite Christmas book."

"Tomorrow when I wake up, can I look at the Christmas books?"

Exhaustedly, we parents finally replied,
"Goodnight, Mr. Christmas, we love you!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Really Matters?

This is how a 19 month old feels when he isn't allowed to play with the camera...

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And then...

Mother has a change of heart...

She thinks about the impossibility of the worst happening to the camera...

and decides instead to make a 19 month olds day.
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The giggles and sounds coming from him were worth more than any camera could ever cost.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not even in the running for...

Mother of the Year...
As I sat and looked at my children in church today; the 1 year old with no shoes.

The 7 year old with an un-ironed shirt and hair sticking up in the back and the front, not to mention the permanent marker line on his shoes that his (cheap) Dad "polished" his shoes with a couple of weeks ago that has now turned a bluish-purple instead of black.

The 4 year old with a hair style (kindly done by her older sister), but when Mom and Dad are yelling, "Get in the car!" what are they to do? Leave with a crooked part and a less than desirable finished style that mom doesn't notice until TOO LATE! To go right along with her hairstyle, were pen lines on her neck and around her lips that had been placed there the evening before.

The 10 year old wearing a jacket that was supposed to be lint-brushed before wearing to church, and nylons with a run in them from knee to toe, who 10 minutes into the first meeting, turns to me and says, "I have a talk in Primary today."

So, as I am about to leave the church building after the three hours of church are over, I pause to chat with a friend to vent a frustration (not even included above!) that built up while at church. I was just about to exit the building when a well meaning couple came to inform me that my one year old was running around alone outside! Hey his 4 year old sister was somewhat close by, and the 7 year old was patiently waiting in the (running) car (that he himself started!)

I simply turned to this sweet couple and politely informed them, "I take great comfort that I will never achieve the Mother of the Year award. It would cause me far too much stress deciding on what to wear for the ceremony."

P.S. Reminder to the clown's parents: Please glance in their general direction at least once before walking out the door to church. Oh and don't forget to hang the slip of paper on the fridge that tells a child's assignment in Primary the next week. Oh-and it might also help to know the whereabouts of the one year old!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photo Tag

I got tagged to show my 4th photo from my 4th folder. It happens to be one of my favorites.

This is June 2007, on Joshua's blessing day with his Uncle Casey and Uncle James, the two people he is named after. Each of our children have their middle name after someone important to our family. For Joshua, the whole "named after" thing is kind of creative, but special to our family. We knew we wanted him named after his two uncles, Casey and James and wanted a way to use both their names for Joshua's middle name. We decided to make a combination of both, so his middle name is Jace. Casey and James are two of my favorite people and people I hope Joshua will grow up to be like.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A First For Tiffany

I was awake at 5:45am eager and excited that today is Election Day. As I was getting dressed, I suddenly had the urge to dress up for this special occasion. (I can already hear some of you laughing as you stare at a computer screen!) I decided against it and began to put on some jeans, but I turned to Mike and said, "I can not bring myself to wear jeans for such an occasion." He laughed and I knew EXACTLY what he was going to say, and so I hurried and responded, "or sweats either." To which Mike replied, "Wow, this must be a special occasion." (To those that know me WELL-especially Casey and Cindy--you know that my sweatsuits (yes plural) are my ALL TIME favorite outfits of choice.)

So, not caring what anyone said, or what anyone may have thought, I dressed up in one of my best outfits, and at 6:45am, showered, dressed (in my best)and saying goodbye to Mike, I left to cast my vote for all elected officials, but more importantly this election, a vote for a President of the United States of America!

I was honored and proud to wait my turn in line. And thought it appropriate that a lady behind me in line, (I believe unaware that this was my first election ever), tapped me on the shoulder and said,

"Isn't this a wonderful feeling?"

Indeed it is. I placed my votes and with a tear in my eye took the "I Voted" sticker from the waiting volunteer.

Happy Election Day! It is a day of celebration at our house. Complete with red, white and blue balloons and hot dogs/hamburgers for dinner. After all, this is the great land of America-whether people like the candidates or not!

P.S. I am back in a comfy sweat outfit, despite Megan's pleas of, "Stay dressed like that, you look so nice." To which I replied, "It's snowing/raining and cold and I have nowhere to go-sweats it must be!"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today's Luke's Birthday, Shout Hooray . . .

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Today Luke is SEVEN YEARS OLD! He had a fabulous day. Luke's enthusiasm and excitement over every gift he receives brings a smile to everyone's face around him. If you ask him what his favorite gift is, he mentions every single one of them. But the definite highlights are: bike, camouflage hunting jacket, camouflage hunting overalls from Nana and Grandpa, toy hunting set (complete with hunters, animals and guns), cowboy belt from Paul and Vickie, Cabela's snow hat from Casey, Cindy, Kristin and James, cowboy shirt, cowboy coaster, etc. etc. He is one lucky boy. And throughout the day he kept hollering from where he was playing (with his toy hunting set while wearing ALL of the above mentioned articles of clothing), "Thank you so so much." He was such a thankful boy-he didn't even complain that he couldn't ride his new bike outside because of all the rain. (We would have let him ride it outside, but told him he couldn't bring it back in the house after, so he opted to keep it in the house and ride it around occasionally inside!)

We enjoyed a pizza dinner with Nana, Grandpa, James and Kristin. And then Tingeys (and Feos) came over for cake and ice cream.


And the answer to Ellie's question asked with a surprised voice, "Oh, is he going to Junior High now?" is no, he's only SEVEN!

(Pictures will follow tomorrow when I replace my camera cable.)


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