Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The girls are now officially outnumbered!!
Baby Boy Sowby arrived Monday, March 30th at 8:03pm. He weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and 19" long.

The Sowby Boys
Luke, Joshua, Daddy and Baby
I promised Megan and Luke he would have a name by the time they get home from school.
We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flip-Flops = Family Time

Megan decided to be crafty on Friday night. Well, being crafty is nothing new to my kids, but inviting Ellie to participate with her was. Megan and Ellie began decorating their flip flops with material.

I went into monitor the "mess situation." (There are a few things I am very uptight about.)

Before I knew it, I had become the designated cut-and-rip the fabric-and-tie them-onto-Ellie's flip-flops-person.

Before long, Mike came in, laid on the floor close by and observed the situation. Being careful to avoid any requests for help with the ongoing project.

Luke soon joined the crowd, and quietly read a book. Then decided he wanted to be part of a "shoe project." Luke decided to make "flip flops" out of his K-Nex.

Ellie having found someone else (me!) to finish her project, made "cake" for us with the close-by toy kitchen.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening-helped by the fact Joshua was in bed, fast asleep by 7:15pm.

Megan's comment was, "This is really fun being together as a family like this. I bet lots of families wouldn't do something like this."

It is evenings like this that I don't feel so bad, when my children join with the other voices in Primary on Sundays and sing an old Primary favorite,

"And so you see, we are a happy family."

Because, SOMETIMES, we are!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Don't you hate those last few days of pregnancy when you feel like you're just waiting?

Waiting for a contraction.

Waiting for a baby to make it's appearance.

I'm in that stage.

I am ornery (ok-what's new?).
I am uncomfortable.
I am constantly hungry.

BUT, I am trying to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy, as we are planning on this being the last.

To lighten the mood-enjoy these. I'm not typically an internet shopper-but I may have to make a purchase on Etsy. These made me LAUGH.

So true...
And yes, I have a kid(s) that shall remain nameless that could honestly wear this one:

Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night Mike had a fancy awards banquet to go to. It included an expensive meal, wearing a suit and tie, and an open bar. (Ok-so he didn't benefit from that part.)

While he was enjoying his night on the town with some of the State's best construction/landscape contractors, I had a sandwich and Cheetos at the 'Fire Station Park' with my four children.

After all the kids were in bed (well, all but one), Mike arrived home and excitedly told me that he was asked to go up to the front and accept the award on behalf of his company.

The award was for . . .

(click to enlarge)

Safety in 2008!?!?!

Did nobody hear about MY summer last year???????

Shouldn't I have received an award for SOMETHING??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elite Members of Society or Plain and Simple Rednecks?

This picture was taken at 8:15am on a Saturday morning. The kids (Ellie, Jacob, Luke and Joshua) were dressed, ready to begin their "hunting for deer" outside "in the mountains."

Now, my issue with all of this isn't the early hour, or even the imaginary activity of shooting animals. I don't even have a problem that Jacob and Ellie are wearing their pajamas under the overalls. You want to know what my issue is?

The fact that of all the redneck clothing you see in the picture, FOUR pair of overalls (3 camouflage), 3 camouflage hats, a raccoon hat, cowboy boots, camouflage shirt, camouflage backpack... I DON'T BELIEVE I PURCHASED ANY OF THOSE ITEMS!!

See the cute princess pajama top under the overalls, or the cute pink toed socks-now those I will take credit for.

But let me tell you my real issue.

My father.

He is frequently telling me that in England, hunting is considered a very upper-class sport, typically reserved for the wealthy and more elite members of society-especially Royalty.

Now does he say this to make me feel better about what my son is turning my family into, or does he say it to justify the fact that he and my mother purchased several of the items in the above photo?! And really, no matter how he tries to sugar coat it, "hunters" here in our society, are not usually considered the "elite members of society" now are they?

And yes, this is my sweet little 23 month old dressed completely in camouflage, shooting a cap gun and making the appropriate sound effects. (Note the size 5T coat, insisted upon by big brother, because one "couldn't play" without full camouflage clothing.)

I'll have you know, Joshua's big brother, my dear Luke, was not even allowed to play with toy guns at that age, let alone own anything resembling redneck clothing!

What have the last few years turned my family into?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig!

I really think I should start sending each child away for 6 days on a regular basis. Megan returned last night from Washington DC, and immediately the kids were all so kind to each other, both in word and deed. And still this morning, Luke was running around helping Megan get ready for school??????

I know it won't last too long, so I really need to hurry and find a place for one of my other children to go for six days.

Really though, kneeling together for family prayer last night, I truly was thankful we were together again as a family. And I know it is the mother in me, that slept better last night than the previous six nights, simply because we were all home together, safe and sound.

In Megan's own words, the synopsis of her trip is,

"I really think I am much smarter for having gone."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Brings Out The Worst In Me

Ok-Perhaps some of you will argue that many things bring out the worst in me, but at this time of year there is one thing in particular I am thinking of...

First let me preface. I have admitted before that I do have a habit of saying a couple of "mommy words." However, I DO NOT and HAVE NOT ever done any "mommy gestures."

Guess what though? I can be driving along the road and from January to April 15 I see those "insert mommy word here" people dressed up like Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty, etc. wanting me to do my taxes at their local place of business. It gets me so worked up. I can almost feel the evil forces enter my car and want me to do that which I DON'T do! How could something like a stranger dressed up like a patriotic icon, telling me to honk if I love taxes, tempt me to do something that I HAVE NEVER DONE!!??

Why do they bother me so much? Why does it bring out such negative feelings in me? Do I need a therapist to help with my Dressed-Up Tax Advertisement-induced anger?

I must verbalize my thoughts aloud towards these people. As just the other day, when we were driving by, (and I was having to grip my hands tightly around the steering wheel, to escape any temptations) Luke rudely exclaimed, "Go to college, dumb man!"

Guess I know what our next Family Home Evening lesson needs to be on:
Charity-The Pure Love of Christ!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goodbye...For Six Days.

I had anticipated saying goodbye to my oldest child, Megan for six days would be difficult, but I didn't know I'd cry this much. I cried when Mike gave her a Father's blessing. I cried during family prayer. And I cried as Mike backed out of the driveway and Megan waved goodbye excitedly, from the rolled down back window.

I know Megan's trip to Washington, DC with her paternal grandparents will be a trip she will always remember. I know she will learn much and have a great time. I do have anxieties that this post isn't the place for, but those that know me, know what they are.

We had an enjoyable breakfast together as a family. While I was cooking it, even Joshua seemed to recognize Megan was leaving soon as he resisted her telling him she had to go get dressed, "No Di-der." (sister)

Even big, tough, Luke had a sad look on his face as he returned into the house after hugging and waving goodbye to Megan. Luke said he will miss having tickling fights with Megan for the next few days.

As for Ellie-I think she was most concerned about, "Is Steve (Mike's Dad) going to be at the airport to get Megan?" (Although, I do think she has already eyed plenty of Megan's belongings that she is going to have free reign over for the next six days.)

As for me, I think I'll look on the bright side-I won't miss arguing with lawyer-in-training Megan, for 6 days!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

I've told you before that I much prefer to make special occasions out of random days-than join in on some of the silly holidays our society celebrates.

You know those dates that stand out in your mind forever? That every once in a while on some random date you can remember exactly what you were doing that day years ago?

March 2nd, has for MANY years been 'one of those days.'

I can remember working at Winegars, waiting to hear the news of a cousins birth, eating a bagel at the Union Building at the University of Utah, news stories of Dr. Seuss, birthday parties, and well wishes, Ellie's first ponytail and then my Grandpa Mel's death.

For 4 years now, in honor of all these occasions and memories, on March 2nd, my children wake up to a new Dr Seuss book on the kitchen table. Nothing grand, nothing important. Just something my children anticipate with excitement and something that gives me the opportunity to reflect on memories from over the years.

No, we don't have Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast!!


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