Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A First For Luke

Mike's version of
"Train up a child in the way he should go."

At our house the rule is, if you can't work, you can't play!
(In case you were wondering, Mike teaches the work part, I teach the play part.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was feeling quite proud of myself this morning, when I said to Mike, as I walked out the door dressed in my "professional best,"

"Some people think I'm important."

I was referring to the people that I would soon be sitting with at the school for 3+ hours of interviews. (I had been asked to be on a committee that helped select and interview candidates for the principal position at our local elementary school.)
It has been a llloooonnngggg process.
(Thanks Mom for watching my 3 little ones for 8+ hours total for this!)

The whole process has made me feel very important and professional!

It was overwhelming to sit opposite professionals capable of becoming a school principal and see their nervousness.

I hoped they wouldn't feel intimidated amongst us-especially-me?

I'm about as opposite from them as can be. Case in point; I noticed during the interview that I had food on the side of my sweater, and dried formula on my sleeve. And, had a diaper fall out of my purse whilst retrieving a pen.

Nonetheless, I felt important as I sat in the room.


I felt more important when I returned home, changed into my sweats, got a snack for my four year old, rocked a crying newborn, and tucked my sick two year old in bed for his nap.

I am right. . .
"Some people think I'm important."
Their names are Megan, Luke, Ellie, Joshua and Drew.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Twelve Years Ago Today . . .

Mike and I were married!
Twelve years! Five kids! Wow! The time has flown by.

A few highlights of our wedding day.
April 24, 1997

Waking up to snow (I hate the snow), and yelling from my bed,
"I'm not getting married today."
My parents went outside and built a snowbride and snowgroom, and needless to say, I did get married that day! (When I called Mike to cry about the snow, he said the sun was shining in American Fork, where we were getting married.) In our photos, the sun is shining and the bulbs were blooming and you wouldn't know it had snowed on MY wedding day if it weren't for the photos of me standing next to the snowbride and snowgroom trying not to cry!

Being super embarrassed to make eye contact with Mike while we were being married and even more embarrassed to kiss him when we were told by the sealer to kiss. Mike would still claim it was like kissing a statue.

The first thing I said to Mike as we walked out of the temple as BRAND NEW newly weds, was,
"Damn-it Mike, quit stepping on my dress."

At our reception hall, our car was typically 'decorated' as newly-weds cars are, but Mike was mad that it would ruin the paint on his truck. Without even seeing the truck, but hearing it had been done, went to the Valet people (yes, during our reception) and politely informed them that when he had them valet park his car, they should be in charge of it and not allow people to mess it up. Of course, the valet place cleaned and washed the truck and didn't allow anyone else near it. (I was quite disappointed and only ever saw it from one photo taken while they were decorating it.)

Falling asleep in the truck from the Inn at Temple Square to our wedding night destination and when we got there, wanting nothing more than to just stay asleep for the night. I was tired!!

But, I do remember how much I LOVED Mike then and how much MORE I LOVE him now.

Here's to 12,1212 more years!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Honesty REALLY the Best Policy?

Fortunately, my feelings aren't hurt from Ellie saying to me this afternoon,

"Your tummy still is a little bit big.
It looks like we might have 8 people in our family soon."

One day she'll understand what THREE WEEKS AFTER HAVING A BABY looks like!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview With Ellie

Through the eyes of an
almost 5 year old...
(Questions regarding mom are in red, Dad's are in blue.)

What is something Mom/Dad always says to you?
"Make my bed."

What makes Mom/Dad happy?
"When you clean my room"
"That everything is all clean"

What makes Mom/Dad sad?
"You want a baby boy."
"Us cleaning up the rooms"

How does Mom/Dad make you laugh?
"Makes myself popcorn"
"That he does funny somersaults to me."

What was your Mom/Dad like as a child?
"Played baby dolls"
"He was a toy kitchen"

How old is Mom/Dad?
"I don't know, 52?"

How tall is Mom/Dad?
"84 inches"
"85 pounds"

What is Mom/Dad's favorite thing to do?
"Go to church"
"Take our whole box of candy to work"

What does your Mom/Dad do when you aren't around?
"Go to Arctic Circle and get lunch"
"Comes home and takes all my candy"

If Mom/Dad became famous why would they?
"Because you're a news person"
"Being on tv so much"

What is Mom/Dad good at?
"Winning at games"
"Playing games with Megan"

What is Mom/Dad not very good at?
"Going down slides at the park"
"Not winning on games"

What does Mom/Dad do for a job?
"Takes care of babies"
"Gets in a excavator"

What is Mom/Dad's favorite food?

What makes you proud of Mom/Dad?
"Plays games so much"
"That he does somersaults"

What do you and Mom/Dad do together?
"Play games"
"Scratch his back when he tells me to"

How are you and Mom/Dad the same?
"Because we're getting big"
"We love each other"

How are you and Mom/Dad different?
"We don't have the same clothes"
"Sometimes we kiss each other, sometimes we don't"

How do you know Mom/Dad loves you?
"Because we love people"
"Because he kisses me"

How do you know that Mom loves Dad?
"Because you kiss each other"

How do you know that Dad loves Mom?
"Because you kiss each other SO MUCH"

What does Dad like most about Mom?
"You go to the store and buy stuff for him"

What does Mom like most about Dad?
"You both take care of Drew at the store"

Where is your Mom/Dad's favorite place to go?

Please don't believe EVERYTHING she says...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Reason to Dislike the Dentist

I have to interrupt my sleeping boys, and Ellie's play-date at a friend's house to take Ellie to the dentist.
I hate the dentist.

Even more,
I hate waking up sleeping children!!

And these 'peaceful slumberers' did not fall asleep easily. One fussed for 20 minutes before settling-the other threw a temper tantrum for 20 minutes, because he wanted to eat Easter candy after having had two M&M cookies for lunch!

In case you were wondering, yes, both the fussing and the temper tantrum occurred at the same time!
Excuse me now while I go awaken the sleeping!

As I said before,
I HATE the dentist.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12th. . .

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday Nana and Happy Half Birthday Megan.

Poor Megan doesn't benefit from the half birthday tradition like her siblings do. Her half birthdays are always overshadowed by Nana's birthday and with this year being Easter-I told Megan, Easter takes precedence! We did manage to sing half of Happy Birthday to her and she blew out half a candle!
But, for the record, Megan is officially 10 1/2 years old!!!!!

The Easter Bunny came and delivered candy, flip-flops and such.

Nana is in charge of coloring the Easter Eggs the night before Easter. For some strange reason, she enjoys it! I don't!
It works out quite nicely.

Happy 57th Birthday Nana/Mom!
We Love You!
We celebrated by having a Easter Hunt/Birthday celebration at her house. She hosted her own party as I wasn't kind enough to host a party 2 weeks post-partum!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Choo Choo--Joshua Turned 2!

Joshua had a fun "Choo Choo" party with some of his favorite people. Nana and Grandpa, Uncle James & Aunt Kristin, Jonah Evans and Family, and Paul and Vickie Tingey. (Joshua missed Uncle Casey & Aunt Cindy). Joshua's favorite presents included, his Thomas shirt, new trucks and trailers, train from Nana and Grandpa, horses from James and Kristin, the construction vehicles from Jonah and the suckers attached to the gift from Paul and Vickie.

One of my birthday traditions is making my children's birthday cakes. I have NEVER bought a cake from a store and don't ever plan on it. I have homemade/decorated 22 cakes for my children alone! (Aagh-and they are still young and so many more to still do!)

I developed the "dreaded obligatory task" of making cakes from my mother. So, this year, knowing I would have a brand new baby I gave my mother the assignment. (I gave her a good 6+ weeks warning.)
(This picture doesn't do it justice)
I'm thinking she may be hired for the next 18 years!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Motherhood ? Hard?

I had a couple of hours to myself today. I laid on the couch eating chocolate for lunch while re-reading a book, from one of my favorite "light and non-thinking" book series.

Joshua and Drew were asleep. (One on the couch by me, the other on the bedroom floor after crying himself to sleep by his door.)

Ellie went on a date with Mimi (my grandma) to McDonalds and the dollar store.

Luke ventured on a horse-ride in the mountains with his dear friend, Paul.

And Megan, escaped to Nana's house to sew a pillowcase.

I like to think I deserved this break,
Yesterday, wasn't quite so easy. . .

Friday, April 3, 2009

What Happens When You Birth Your 5th Child!

(I'm not sure one can tell what these are from the photo.)

On the WAY HOME from the hospital I made the terrible mistake of looking in the sun-visor mirror. And look what I am greeted with???


I take it as a sign that I am too old to birth anymore children!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few Favorites

Very quickly after Drew was born, Mike called my parents to tell them the baby had been born and to head to the hospital with the kids. (The hospital is practically in their backyard.) Mike told them they would all have to wait until they saw the baby to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl.

Mike greeted them at the room door and escorted them in.

The expressions when told the baby was a boy:

Joshua Calls the Baby ...

"Annie" but last night, Joshua finally acknowledged his new baby brother, Drew William Sowby.


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