Monday, June 29, 2009

Ellie's Desire

Every couple of weeks each child has the opportunity to go "on a date" with either Mom or Dad.

Recently Megan chose to go to the mall with Mom.

Luke is choosing between Cabela's or fishing with Dad, or bowling with Mom.

Today was Ellie's turn to choose.

The choices are quite limitless; pretty much anything that can be done within a 1.5 hour time period and fits into our family budget.

Ellie's request,

"Do you know what I really want? To go to the store and buy me some of my own 'derodrant.'"

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Team

I am not a sports fan.

(Although, the above photo is one I took while watching a Yankees/Red Sox Game at Yankee Stadium.)

We are not a sporting family. However, we are always telling our children to be "team players." I am always using my limited knowledge of basketball or baseball to explain that one player could not win the game.

I use this in relation, to me.I can't accomplish everything alone. Picking up, cleaning, straightening, folding, dusting, vacuming, washing, wiping, changing, sweeping, emptying, loading, organizing, hanging, dressing, watering, pulling, etc.

Contrary, to my children's opinions, my children do not have too much to do each day. Their tasks and chores are really quite simple and few. But, as I look around at all I have to do I wonder...

Should they do more, or is such the life of a mother?

I am trying to find the healthy balance between teaching my children to work and realizing like it or not, I am the mom and SHOULD have a lot to do.

Advice please, from all?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life As We Know It

Megan practicing the harp, after recently starting harp lessons.
Megan learning to text... (No, she does not have her own phone.)

Luke playing in the water when the weather outside was not quite 75'.
Luke upon hearing me suggest to Mike that we should get a dining bench so we have enough seats around our kitchen table, spends hours in the garage making me one!
Ellie a little more skeptical of the extreme sport of slip-n-sliding, but still willing to give it a try despite the temperature.
Ellie taking a break from a tantrum and being pleasant for a while.

Joshua gets into the fridge while Mommy is fixing dinner and gets himself a snack.
Joshua loves "holds" which Mommy tries hard to rarely refuse.
Joshua, not quite game for the 70' weather water activities, chose instead to nap on the rock path.
And then there is Drew. Drew, the 5th child who is rarely photographed.
Drew is quite a serious baby. But he always has a smile for Mommy.
Drew, though he can't roll over, moves himself from one end of the crib to the other end and faces the opposite way. Mom kept questioning "Who moved Drew?" Of course, "Not Me" was the answer. However, upon being home with only Mommy during a nap, Mommy realized it wasn't a sibling moving him, it wasn't Daddy, it wasn't even 'Not Me.' It was DREW, all by himself!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dancing Queen

Megan did a fabulous job in her dance recital. Megan danced in both a jazz and ballet dance. She was beautiful, poised and elegant. Both times when she got on stage, I had to "look" for her. She looked so grown up, I almost didn't recognize her!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It Is What It Is . . .

I've seen similar posts floating around in 'Blog World.'
I thought I'd do my own version...

You know you're a mean mom when you are tired of reading your child the same book over and over and you throw it behind the couch so they can't find it.

You know you have seriously relaxed as a parent when your daughter goes to church wearing yesterday's hairdo.

You know you are a bad mom when the lunch hour has passed and you are secretly happy no one reminded you they needed lunch.

You know you have a large family when you have to count everyone to see if everyone is present.

You know you are out of style when your five year old tells you what to wear and your ten year old tells you how to do your hair.

You know you have too many pair of sweats when you need two hands to count how many you own.

You know you have lowered your standards when you think, 'At least the bathrooms were cleaned once this month.'

You know you are too busy to care if the two year old is carrying around a pocket knife, as long as it stays folded up.

You know there are other things on your mind when you allow your 2 month old to serve as a Hot Wheel track for the 2 year olds cars.

You know you detest fixing breakfast when your children ask for ice cream and you think, 'Sure, what's the difference between that and a bowl of sugary cereal with milk?'

You know you spend too much time in the car when you don't even bat an eyelid when your husband asks why the car looks like the kids have eaten every meal in it. Obviously he doesn't drive 5 kids around on a regular basis.

You know your housekeeping standards are poor when you look around and worry the health board could shut down your house if they came to visit.

You know you will never win a Motherhood Award when your two year old drops something and says, "Damn it."

You know you have a lot of laundry on a daily basis when your baby pees on the crib sheet, you don't wash it; you just lay the baby at the other end of the crib.

You know you are getting lazy when you lay in bed in the morning and count how many times you'll probably go up and down the stairs that day, and then decide that can replace your exercise routine.

You know you got what you deserved now that you are in the same situation as the mother in your neighborhood you always looked down on when you only had one child and they had more. Because on a daily basis you have dirty faced-unmatched-clothes-and-scraggly-hair-kids and your house is a mess.

You know you have a lot of kids when you realize that lowering your expectations will be the key to peace and harmony.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! "

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Six Little Fishes Went Swimming One Day . . .

Mike and I arrived home from a viewing last night, dressed in our 'Sunday Best.' We were greeted in the garage by our Toothless Grin Son proudly showing us a five gallon bucket with 6 fishes in that he had just caught during his fishing class.

Outside the garage, the skies were darkening, the wind was blowing, rain was coming and lightning could be seen in the distance. All Luke wanted was to put the fishes in his "Secret Fishing Spot." (Which incidentally, we already had a TINY fish in a fish bowl from earlier that morning he had caught in his "Secret Fishing Spot.") It is only a short ride on the trail behind our house, but carrying a five gallon bucket full of water and trying to avoid lightening strikes, we had a decision to make. We knew the fish would not survive in the bucket until morning.

Personally, I had no cares about the fish, but I didn't want to see the Toothless Grin disappear. As I walked into the house, I heard Daddy suggest, keeping the fish in the bathtub for the night. I'm sure the Toothless Grin got bigger at that point, but I very quickly, volunteered to go change my clothes and ride bikes over to the "Secret Fishing Spot."

Luke and I jumped on our bikes and with me balancing the five gallon bucket filled with water and 6 fish, hoping the lightning would subside for just a while, the wind blowing the hood from my head,and rain falling on us, Mom and Toothless Grin set out to save the fishes.

There are no photographs to capture the memory, I wish there were. But perhaps instead, that Toothless Grin excitement, will be a picture memory I will hold forever in my mind.

It was fitting, as we were riding fast, I heard the little Toothless Grin pedaling quickly behind me say,
'You're the best mom in the whole wide world."

Monday, June 15, 2009

And that makes 8

We have believed for quite sometime that we have an additional member of our household. We can no longer deny its presence. Though we have never met this member, and don't know if it is a boy or a girl, we know its name. . .


NOT ME uses about 5 different cups to get a drink from and leaves them sitting on the counter.

NOT ME drags sand into the kitchen.

NOT ME leaves empty containers in the pantry and fridge.

NOT ME also leaves toothpaste in the sink, towels on the floor and Otter Pop wrappers on the patio.

NOT ME is even known to make the baby cry for unknown reasons. The only evidence being red "track marks" on baby's head and a Hot Wheel car laying very close by.

Sometimes NOT ME is even volunteered to say the prayer, he has yet to say it.

NOT ME creates more work for me than the other 5 kids combined!

Quite frankly, I don't like NOT ME. Is it possible to get rid of an unwanted family member?
I don't want NOT ME to be part of our family.

Isn't 5 kids plenty?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Campers & Princesses

The boys spent Friday night camping in American Fork Canyon with their Sowby (boy) cousins and Grandpa Steve. The girls spent Friday night with their Sowby (girl) cousins and Grandma going to a Princess Festival in Lindon.

Drew and I spent an enjoyable evening with Casey and Cindy. Even though they kept me up way past my bedtime (!) it was well worth the good conversation and cookies!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Luke's Rainy Afternoon

(Casey, this post is for you.)

"Dad, I'm all out of nails."

"Mom, Dad, come see the scooter I made."
A few fix-its required after the initial test drive.

Would this be considered a "Redneck Scooter?"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Five Year Plan Part 2

Last year I did an update on Mike's 'Five Year Plan.'

This summer should be the finished product!

This is the 5th summer living here.

But alas, the yard is still not done. Perhaps due to ten days after last years update he broke his foot and spent the summer laying on my couch!!!! The real reason, I believe it is not done is, because Mike has a "champagne appetite on a beer salary." And because we choose to do nothing unless with cash, we do it s l o w l y.

So far though, as these photos (and my bank account balance) will attest, we have made quite a bit of progress...

We won't even get into why it will probably turn into a 6-7 year plan...
That is a whole 'nother post!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drew's Day

Sunday was Drew's Blessing Day.

Ellie was so proud that "Drew is getting old enough now to get blessed in church."

Baby Blessing's have never been my favorite event. In fact, I very much dislike the tradition and have had a bad attitude about each one. Saturday evening, Mike told me he was tired of me being ornery and said, "Think of it as a celebration of never again having to do a baby blessing party." My attitude changed and I instead focused on the blessing of having a new baby to celebrate.
Sunday in church as I sat surrounded by family and friends celebrating the day with us, I was overwhelmed with the love I have for each of them.

We are truly, blessed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"She's Not Like You"

Last night, Luke described a mother he saw while at his fishing class who was not only "fishing with her kid, but unhooking the fish too." As Luke was concluding he added,

"I know she would gut it too."

"Oh" was all I could reply, until he said,

"She's not like you."


Not like me because he doesn't think she would look closely at all 5 of the baby fish he brought home even though I wanted them off of my property?

Not like me because she wouldn't finally give in to begging and allow her 71/2 year old to gut the fish on his own?

Not like me because she wouldn't listen to her husband and her father and finally allow an excited little fisherman to wash the gutted fish in my kitchen sink?

Not like me because she might have tasted the 3 inch fish he begged Daddy to help him cook?

Or not like me, because she didn't lay in bed last night with a proud smile on her face and a silent prayer in her heart because she hadn't heard her cute little 71/2 year old's bedtime prayer that said,

"Thank you that I caught five fish. Please bless I'll catch a big one next week."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Do Yours Stink Too?

SERIOUSLY, I need some advice
But first, I'll give you answers to questions that may arise with your comments.
I only use each one for one day.
I've tried laundering them alone.
I've tried using some bleach.
They are a decent quality.
I have owned them for 6 months.
I CAN'T get the smell out of them.
I CAN'T get the smell out of them.
I CAN'T get the smell out of them.

Do dishrags really only last 6 months?


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