Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dreaded Tradition

What started as a family tradition that we all enjoyed has become a tradition that only some still endure; The Bountiful Handcart Days Parade. It is the 2nd biggest parade in Utah, due to the fact it is always on the eve of the big Salt Lake Days of 47 parade-and thus every band from here to Tonga wants to be a part of it. It is usually long and hot.

For various reasons, I swore this was the last year we were going AND ONLY BECAUSE MEGAN WAS GOING TO BE IN IT. And then we go and I realize, it is such a fun tradition, could I possibly give it up?

Megan did a fabulous job dancing the WHOLE way!

Ellie loved her invitation to be a part of the parade float. She thought she was pretty special. (Well I guess she is.)
Joshua and Luke loved grabbing the candy.
Drew disliked everything about the parade; the heat, the sounds, the excitement. Oh wait, isn't that Mike that dislikes everything about parades? Well, Drew has a tear in the photo to prove his dislike.


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