Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a weekend!

The Good, The Bad and The So-So...

Davis County Fair
Megan's Dancing
Megan did an excellent job
It was 50 degrees on August 15th!
Had to find a hand-me-down box to get some "winter clothes" for Drew to wear.

Fair Activities
Kid's loved the pony rides. Luke LOVED riding the "kinkanikan" bull.
Mom's camera battery and video camera batteries both died!
The children held scorpians, legless lizards and touched snakes!
Dad's Journey to the Fair
Work meeting got over at a reasonable time to be able to meet us at the fair.
Was driving home in his big, tough work truck.
Got rear-ended on I-15
UHP officer radio's in that a man in his late 20's was rear-ended.
Really though, what is a little whip-lash when you've already got a broken back?!?

We LOVED everything about it.
Drew cried at every loud noise
Was a very late night.
Ride Home From Church
At one point there was no fighting in the car.
Suburban completely dies.
The Ox was in the Mire.

Birthday Celebrations at Mimi's House
Lots of good food and good company.
Left the three older kids to come home later with Nana and Grandpa and had a couple of hours of no fighting at our house!!
Had to leave early so we could fix the only car we own that fits our whole family!
Entertained Drew & Joshua while Daddy (and kind neighbor) fixed the car.

Suburban alternator (which was still under warranty) was replaced and fixed by 8:30pm Sunday night.
What a weekend!


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