Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Blessing In Disguise

Each December, we meet with our Bishop for Tithing settlement. This year we didn't receive a letter with our scheduled appointment. With the chaos of Mike's surgery, then Mike's canceled surgery, we received a last minute phone call tonight. We had been 'forgotten' and could we come tonight?

The evening wasn't going so well at our house. Major temper tantrum over homework, unkind words to siblings, and a dinner that three younger kids deemed "disgusting" or "gross" or "I'm not eating that." Add to all this, Mom's request to put on church clothes to meet with the Bishop. Mom was snappy...Dad was getting irritated mom was snappy...

But to the church we went.

Daddy carefully chose his seat by the Bishop's candy jar to help the genetic sugar radar in our children from going off full-blast during our meeting. Most of the words were exchanged, the opening of the candy jar was soon to be the reward for the well behaved children.

While the Bishop states we are "one of his favorite families" (we sure have him fooled don't we?!) and because we "are the last tithing settlement of the year," he turns to a drawer to his side and tells us, we deserve "the good stuff."

King size Snickers for all. Faces immediately lit up. A reward? for the money the children had moments ago gasped that they had parted with. A blessing? the Bishop assured them paying tithing would bring.

Seven king size snickers, yet Joshua still requested the sucker he had been eyeing for the previous ten minutes.

Ellie's (lack of) gratitude as we drove home was, "I really wish he'd given us each one for how old we are. Then I would have five for me."

Joshua's genuine kindness, "I will hold Dewie's. He can eat it next year."

I've always believed tithing blessings come in all shapes and sizes.


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