Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fine Sweaters and Fine Mothers

I couldn't help but smile extra big on Sunday during the Sacrament Meeting choir program number in which the senior primary accompanied the choir. Luke was on the front row in his Christmas sweater, grudgingly singing along. And I just knew there was a smile shining down from the other side of the veil. I'm sure Granny is thrilled that the sweater she lovingly knitted is still being worn 18+ years later.

Though this Christmas sweater is less traditional than Christmas sweaters other boys may wear, it has turned into a sentimental, tangible reminder of not only my beloved Granny, but my son's enthusiasm and love for Christmas. I love that he wants to wear it.

Well, even if last Sunday he was a little hesitant to wear it because "Brennan and Chloe made fun of it last week in Primary." And so in my true, honest, mothering way I said,

"Tell them to shut up."

Merry Christmas!


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