Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Zooby Family

(random photos from December)

During the recent snowstorm, Mike was on and off the phone for hours on end dispatching and coordinating the snow removal crews. Sunday morning was just a normal Sunday morning for us. Even with an earlier than usual church time due to Stake Conference, things were rolling along quite smoothly. Mike continued to be on and off of the phone, and was doing quite well multi-tasking between phone calls, flipping hash-browns and frying sausage.

I was in and out of the kitchen when I could hear words such as "home", "five", "range from 11 to 9 months." What is he talking about I wonder? When for the previous 24 hours I've heard nothing but snow removal lingo.

The phone call ended. My questions began. Who was that? And what were you talking about?

"Oh it was Mark. He asked where I was, because he thought it sounded like the zoo in the background."

I chose not to be offended.

My house. Five children. Getting ready for church.
Really? I think. A zoo?
And I thought the morning was going quite well.

I've wondered since, how many children does this Mark guy have?

Oh. That's right.



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