Friday, April 30, 2010

Made My Day

I started blogging for a way to journal the day to day events of my little family in my corner of the world.  I love that when something funny, or not so funny or down right embarrassing happens in our lives, either Mike or Megan ask, "Are you going to blog about that?"  Or more correctly, Megan will say, "Mom, Please don't blog about that."

I also re-discovered the love of writing that I have always had.  I have always enjoyed writing in a personal journal, I have always enjoyed writing letters (As a child I lived thousands of miles away from grandparents/relatives so I learned to love writing letters.)  I even have a book full of poetry and short essays from my college days.  (I think I'll keep those boxed up...)

I also love to read and thanks to my Granny, I inherited the trait of being slightly nosey.  Perfect combination to enjoy taking a peek into other people's lives now and then.  And though I try not to venture out too far into the 'blogging world' around me, (it would be so easy to get caught up, in as there are a lot of fabulous blogs out there... )

I am flattered that people (besides my dear husband who faithfully reads each post with a smile),  enjoy reading my blog...  I even got stopped by an acquaintance in a store once who told me how much they enjoyed my blog. (That made my day!)

So, my day was made today, when Stef over at Oops There Goes My Mind (Don't you love that blog title?) gave me a Sunshine award.  I only met her recently after she commented on my blog, but oh, her blog is worth taking a peek at.   I guarantee you'll smile, and maybe even laugh out loud.  And that my friends, if you remember, is what I'm working on doing more of this year.

In fact it's been a few days since I've had a good laugh. 
Hopefully I will soon.

Oh, and if I were to award the Sunshine award to another, it would be Cindy's blog here:
Ramblings like this or this always guaranteed to make you smile, or experiences like this that really could only happen to her.

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Ball

Making 'a ball' has been a frequent activity with each child and Mike.  While laying down, Mike lifts the child up with one arm, while the child scrunches tightly into a ball.

But then gradually, yet all too quickly, the kids get too big to be lifted into one anymore.   Mike, while lifting Ellie the other day informed us that Ellie is almost at the end of her time...

Forever In My Mind

Remember last summer when I 'saved the fish' with Luke.  It was a memory I didn't have my camera for, but my mind took a picture.  (You can read the post here, and/or in addition, it was recently posted here.)

I was reminded of mind pictures while exercising this morning.  We were almost half way home, when Joshua asked to get out of the stroller and walk.  Usually I am in too big of a hurry to get home, but today I obliged my three year old.  And oh, I am so glad I did!

A few footsteps earlier, Joshua and I had pointed out the temple up on the hill and and together sung the familiar Primary song, "I Love To See The Temple."   Now, Joshua while running along side of me, was singing (incorrectly),  "I will go and see my far-ver I'll pway and I'll obey..."  His little voice occasionally pausing for a breath as his little feet were trying hard to keep up with mom.

It was one of those mind pictures that I forever hope to see.

Years ago, I started a 'mind picture journal'  I have since neglected it.  (Aagh- I could kick myself for it now.)

Eloquent words and even well taken photos don't ever truly capture and record what our hearts do.  Our 'mind pictures' are the memories I think will stand out the most from our time spent raising young children.

Don't you have some favorite mind pictures?
If not, go capture yourself one, today.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week In Review

A case of the 'cranks' as it is known around here...

Singing loud in the kitchen:

I LOVE family parties:

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Marriage

I had an experience just last week that made me realize how different my husband and I are.  It all started at about 5:30am last Friday when I heard the ironing board go up...

In January of 2009, I decided to do better with my ironing efforts.  I felt badly hearing the ironing board be set up before the sun even rose, so Mike could iron a shirt before work.  For a year now, each Tuesday morning I iron 4-5 of Mike's shirts and my boys church shirts.  So I was quite surprised last Friday, when I woke up to the sound of the ironing board being set up.  I hopped out of bed and questioningly stated,  "There are five ironed shirts hanging in the closet!?"   Mike, while holding up an 'ironed' shirt stated, "Oh, even this one?"   

I crawled back in bed, after, in a not so nice tone, I had informed him I would never iron another shirt of his again.  I laid in bed and reflected back to almost 13 years ago, when I quit ironing after only a month of marriage, when Mike re-ironed a shirt he "didn't know had been ironed."

(Sidenote: I quit taking shirts to the cleaners when:
a. they didn't meet Mike's expectations and 
b. it was a waste of money because he usually ended up re-doing them...)

And so in honor of our 13th anniversary tomorrow, here are a few things I have learned from being married to my dear husband, Mike for thirteen (blissful) years.

When The Dear Husband cleans the bathroom, it is beyond clean. I always joke that one of these times I will eat a meal in there.  Granted, it takes him 45 + minutes to clean just the toilet, but still, it never fails, each time he cleans it, I find myself wanting to sit and stare at the toilet.

The Wife does much better in the gift giving department.  The Dear Husband has never woken up on Christmas morning to find a frying pan by his feet in bed, nor has he ever received a curtain rod (with no curtains or plans for curtains) for Christmas, nor has he ever received pajamas with a size small shirt and size 3X bottoms.

(Although, I must not have done so well myself, the birthday year he didn't show much enthusiasm over the rainfall measurer I bought him.)

When The Dear Husband makes the bed in the morning, or folds it down at night, it is luxury.  You climb into it at night imagining you are at a hotel.  The sheets are pulled tightly and firmly in place, the pillows arranged just so.

The Wife, does much better at meal preparations.  Our food options expand further than tortillas or sausage/bacon and eggs.  The Wife loves to cook and bake and the results are mostly, quite pleasing.

When The Dear Husband sees a glass of water.  It is always half full.

When The Wife sees a glass of water.  It is always half empty.

When The Dear Husband unloads groceries (The Wife has purchased), they don't just get put away, the freezer is cleaned out and organized. 

When The Wife plays Scrabble, she often wins.

When The Dear Husband is in a bad mood, it is a big deal, everybody notices, and it is kind of a novelty.  It has honestly only happened a handful of times in thirteen years of marriage.  (Now, that's some positive living.)

When The Wife is in a bad mood.  It is nothing novel.  It happens all too often.

The Dear Husband lives by this philosophy, "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well."

The Wife's philosophy is this, "Just get the job done."

And though it might not work for everybody, it works for us.

And though I'm not much of a 'gusher' on my blog, I will say this,
The Dear Husband is FABULOUS!
Happy Anniversary to us.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Hardest Worker...So Far

(Last week, Luke was the proud recipient of the family "Lift Where You Stand Award")

Luke is a hard worker.  He is a lot like Mike in this regard.  He is very happy and content when doing something productive.  If a job needs to be done, he does it.  And he does it well.  (Now, it does not always happen without some whining and complaining, but once Luke decides he's going to do a job, he carries through with it.)

Megan takes a little more coercing, a little more nagging, and often a little yelling. 

At our house we have a reward/point system.  The details aren't really necessary, but it is designed to teach a work ethic, personal accountability, responsibility and contribution.  It is working well for us.  Well, it is working especially well for Luke.  He has already reached and earned the first threshold, and as I jokingly predicted, Luke is close to reaching it a second time, before either of the girls has reached the first.

Last night, I heard a little negotiation taking place between Megan and Luke.   Megan, who has more cash, yet way less 'points,'  had an idea.

"Hey, Luke if you make my bed, open my blinds and pick up six things in my room each morning, 
I'll pay you." 

Luke would then get cash (which he doesn't have much of), and Megan would get her 'points.'  Both would win.  They turned to me to ask if it was okay.  I turned to Mike and asked his approval.  As he was giving his answer, I recalled a story from Mike's childhood.  I knew his reply before I heard it...

Mike used to tell me of his entrepreneurial enterprises as a child.  For a small wage, Mike had the responsibility of mowing the lawn as a  young teenager.  One Saturday morning, the lawn mower could be heard, yet Mike was still in bed...Mike had hired a neighbor boy to mow it for a slightly less wage than he was being paid.  So, essentially, Mike was earning money while laying in bed.

"Absolutely,"  Mike replied to Megan and Luke's question. After all, it is a help-help situation.  Luke earns money, and Megan still gets her points.

Later last night, Luke called me while Mike and I were enjoying a milkshake while sitting in a Walmart parking lot.  He asked if he could do his morning chores, tonight before bed.  I told him, no.  Really, that would be like asking to eat breakfast before bed, instead of in the morning.  Luke's anxiety of his new tasks, turned to a shaky voice as he fought tears and said, "But I have to make Megan's bed, open her blinds and pick up six things of hers. And still brush my teeth and do my stuff."  I encouraged him in his new endeavors, by telling him to go to bed.

This morning, I couldn't understand why Luke was yelling at Joshua at 6:44am.
'Get.Out.Of.Bed.Joshua. I. Have.To.Make.It.Now.'  
(Joshua and Luke share a bed) 
Followed by, 
"Mom, Megan won't get out of bed. 
If she is going to pay me to make her bed she needs to get out.  Now."

Oh dear.  Looks like Joshua and Megan can say goodbye to sleeping in for a while.  Luke has a job to do.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I can't begin to tell you how many photos I find on my camera that are similar to this:

I like to think of it as 'positive self-image.'
Yay for Ellie!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catch Phrase

  Around our house we have many phrases/slogans/quotes that we frequently use.  Most of them we have had for years, some new ones we have picked up more recently.  Nearly all of them have 'just happened' rather than been carefully planned out.  Here is a sampling of a few.
One of the firsts I can remember, from back when Megan was about three years old is, "Obey."  It is probably one of the most frequently used words in our house.  There are some children we use it with more than others.  They shall remain nameless.

A few years ago during a Family Home Evening lesson.  Mike shared a story with us.  As a result of the story and the lesson to be learned,  Mike frequently asks the question, "How many tells does it take?"  Though others hearing the question, may be completely unaware of the meaning.  The children remember the story and know what Daddy is asking. 

Our family motto over the years has become simply, "Make good choices."  It has become a habit that is said everyday when the kids leave for school, "I love you.  Make good choices."   I especially love the mornings I hear a child pray, "Help us make good choices today."  Or when a child offers, "That was a good choice, huh?"  Often times our dinner discussions revolve around the good choices that were made that day.

A frequently asked question is, "What's that smell? Oh, it's your attitude."  There is a child that hears this question more than the other children do.  They shall remain nameless. 

One of our frequent phrases to say to the children comes from a talk given by President Uchtdorf of the First Presidency.  (You can read it here.)  Mike began using it first, and is heard to say it more than me.  Mike is regularly heard saying to the children, "Lift where you stand."

And this is where my honesty comes forth. We do our best to parent our children.  We do our best to teach them well.  But we are far from perfection...

Just the other day during our Saturday cleaning hour, a nameless child was 'negotiating' too much with Mike.  Both of our patience was wearing thin.  I knew Mike was going to blurt out a familiar phrase any minute. 

But instead, Mike had a 'new' variation to a favorite.  I was humored when Mike firmly said,

"Shut up and lift where you stand."

Feel better about your parenting now?


Congratulations to Lindsey at Rocking The Minivan for winning the $15 giftcard to...
one of my very favorite stores...
(Remember, I told you I had five kids, two in diapers...)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Left Alone

I did not take this photo. I found it on my camera.
Nice to know that someone trusts Drew can balance better than I think he can.

Luckily, I rescued him before a fall. It was a couple of days later I found the photo...
I haven't even asked yet which sibling did this...
Because I have a feeling it might be 'that additional member of our family.' 
Remember I told you about our sixth kid, here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ellie has had a fascination with dandelions lately.  When she came home from school this week, she proudly and lovingly handed me a picked dandelion.
(I refrained from telling her the myth from my childhood; that if you pick a dandelion you'll wet the bed.)

Just yesterday, Ellie greeted me with a picked dandelion again, which she promptly wanted to 'press' in my old childhood Flower Press.

Today, while eating lunch outside, Ellie while looking at the neighbor's grass reflected with a sigh,

"We don't really grow those yellow flowers, other people do though." 

 Ellie sees a pretty yellow flower.  I see a weed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know how it is when you are a first time mother, and even more so, before becoming a mother; You. Know. It. All.
Well.  When I was in that stage of life, I never liked pacifiers much, especially in older babies and (gasp), especially in toddlers.

When I was a first time mother, I was 'like that.'
I knew it all.
I knew what I was doing.
Megan used a pacifier until she was eight months old.  And even then, she didn't use it much.  (In fact, I must have disliked it so much that I have only about three or four photos of her with it.)  When Megan was eight months old, I figured she was too old for a pacifier anymore.  I wanted to get rid of it before it became a habit.  One afternoon I took it away.  Megan didn't miss it.  She survived just fine without it.
After all, I knew it all.  I knew what I was doing.
(Megan, 5 months old)
When Luke was three months old, he refused the pacifier and instead favored his fingers.  It was actually quite nice.  I never had to make sure I had a pacifier with me when we went somewhere, I never had to fumble around looking for one in the night.  In fact, we must have thought the finger sucking was so cute because there are numerous photos of him while sucking.
Luke began sucking these two fingers:
 (Luke, 5 months old)

By Luke's first birthday, he sucked the first two (instead of the middle two) and covered them with the opposite hand:
(Luke, 12 months old)

Before long it became convenient to have his fingers close to his nose.  Heard of the saying 'Kill two birds with one stone?"  Luke was able to 'kill two birds with one stone..."

 (Luke, January 2005, 3 years old)

Thankfully, when Luke was just shy of his 5th birthday,  (coincidentally, the day he received his first cowboy hat and pair of Wranglers and 'became a cowboy...')  Luke got stitches in one of his sucking fingers and by the time the stitches were removed, the habit was broken.

(Luke, October 2006)

At the time of Luke's stitches, Ellie (2 1/2) was already well and truly a thumb sucker.  I wasn't concerned, (I must have still had some mothering confidence,) after all, I easily broke Megan's pacifier habit, and Luke's finger sucking habit was easily broken.  I had the confidence that somehow I would have the ability to break Ellie's thumb-sucking habit when I felt it necessary.

(Though subconsciously, we must not have thought it quite as cute as Luke's finger sucking as there are far fewer photos of Ellie's thumb in mouth.)

( Ellie, almost 3 years old)

Last summer, before Ellie was to start Kindergarten, we began telling her that she was too big to suck her thumb anymore as she was going to start school.  It is a rare occasion that I see her thumb in her mouth anymore, yet I know the habit is not completely done away with.  Sadly, 'my mothering confidence that somehow I would have the ability to break the habit' is no longer there.  I am now aware it is a hard habit to break...

 (Ellie 3 years old)

And then there is Joshua.   Joshua, like Luke, became a finger sucker as an infant.  Joshua's habit is even worse than Luke or Ellie's ever was; Joshua doesn't even care what finger/s it is.  He also doesn't care if they are clean.  (Although the fingernails on his right hand are always VERY clean compared to the left....)

And Joshua, like Luke, has mastered the "kill two birds with one stone" ability.

At this point my mothering confidence has diminished severely.   I am completely bewildered with how to break Joshua's finger sucking habit.

And so,
It is with great energy I heard myself say yesterday afternoon, and then again last night, and then again this morning, and then again this afternoon,

Don't. Suck. Your. Fingers.  
Get. Them. Out. Of.  Your. Mouth.
NOW. "

Please don't tell me that at 12 months old a finger sucking habit can START.
It is not cute.
It is not even worthy of a photo.
I no longer have the 'first time mother' confidence.

And though I might not know how to break a finger sucking habit.
I do know this:

I do not know it all.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Half and Whole

Time again for our half tradition...

Megan is 11 1/2!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, if Megan is having a half birthday, it means Nana is having a regular birthday.

This actually happened to be Megan's first time getting the 'half cake' I make on half birthdays.  Usually, there is plenty of Nana's cake to go around.  But this year we had to celebrate Nana's a day early.  So lucky for Megan, she finally got a 'half cake.'

What a day.
And that's how we do it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shout Hooray!!!

Components of a Happy Birthday when you're Joshua and you're three!
Receiving the much anticipated 'Stoney Davis' cowboy hat and Wranglers.

Not getting in trouble when getting caught eating the frosting.

A trip to the local western store to get the highly desired, 'horse wope.'

Riding the horse for a dime, three times at the local western store.

A new wagon from Nana and Grandpa.
A power nap while we were stuck at Autozone with a broken down car for an hour.

Dinner with the family and Nana and Grandpa at the place of Joshua's choosing, Arctic Circle.
Making a wish with the candles on the requested 'Stoney Davis hat cake'.

A whole bag of suckers from Uncle Casey and Aunt Cindy. (Except the 'they've been taken away till tomorrow part.')

The 'Cars' track from Uncle James and Aunt Kristin. 
(Except it got banished to another room because it's too noisy part.)

A sleepover on the family room floor with Megan, Luke and Ellie.

What could be better?
Happy Birthday Joshua!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

What a creative way to have a party! No need to find a babysitter, think for days what to wear OR put on a smiley face if you don't want to. Yet you still have all the perks of a perfect party... Meet some wonderful people-get some great ideas-realize you aren't alone-and eat the treats all by yourself!

For you regulars, you know what you'll get here...
As for the first-timers, this is me. A mother of five, navigating my way through motherhood with humor, love and honesty.
And as an added bonus-if you leave a comment, I'll enter you to win a $15 giftcard to one of my favorite stores.
Which store you ask?
It will be a surprise.
But, here are a few clues:
I do have five kids...
I love getting a good deal...
I have two kids in diapers....

(Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 17th.)

We're happy...most of the time!

Rules Disclaimer - One entry per person. Giveaway ends at 2:05am on (EST) 4/17/10. Winner will be announced here and sent an email. Winner has 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be drawn.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joshua's Synopsis

Riding in the car on the way home from the zoo, a tired, little voice said,

"I grrad the rions didn't eat us."

 "Me too, Joshua. I'm glad the lions didn't eat us either," I replied.

I didn't have the heart to remind him, we didn't see any lions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is It Just Me?

We are in the middle of Spring break. 
Saying I am frustrated and a little cranky, would be an understatement.

One child yelled at me as though it is my fault that "This is a dumb Spring break because it is cold and snowy."

One child kindly put Drew in his eating chair without clearing out the bananas from an earlier snack (another child had removed him previously).  Drew sat on soggy bananas throughout dinner, and they were nicely smooshed and scattered all over his chubby little legs when Daddy, wearing dry-clean only pants, removed him from the chair after dinner....

One child decided to walk and balance along some rocks while wearing high heeled sandals.  I am greeted with a dirty wet, muddy, mess of a child.  From head to toe.

Preparing for a Sunday School lesson is hard when there are five kids causing mayhem inside because it is too wet to go outside.

There are shoes and socks everywhere.   Yet, my help is always enlisted when someone needs a pair.  Oh, that's because they are looking in their sock drawers or in their shoe basket.  The shoes and socks aren't there!!

I had to drag a child to three different stores to find the correct ink cartridge so I can print out my taxes and pay the government.

One child thinks the Easter candy should all be consumed in the first couple of days following Easter.  When it isn't allowed, the tantrums aren't pretty.

This is just a glimpse of our week so far.
We are barely half way through Spring Break.

Is it just me, or are there other cranky mothers out there?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lessons of Love

This weekend I watched as Megan and Drew shared a snack of goldfish crackers. Drew is one.  If he is given something in a bowl, he dumps the contents.  I smiled, as I listened to Megan explain to a one year old, to pick the goldfish out of the bowl to eat, and not dump the contents.  It took me back twenty five years or so...

When my brother Casey was a toddler, and I was about ten years old, I took Casey with me to the 'local shops.'  As was usually the tradition, we made a visit to the 'Sweet Shop' to pick up some candy.  As it was done, when I was a child, one carefully selected the penny candies, placed them in the bag, and then paid for them.

Tiffany and Casey, August 1985

While I was paying for our sweet selection, Casey reached down, picked up a candy and promptly put it in his mouth.  I was devastated; my brother just stole a piece of candy!    I didn't know what to do.  I quickly turned to the shopkeeper, and explained that my brother had eaten a piece of candy we hadn't yet paid for.  The shopkeeper smiled.  It helped we were regulars.  And it probably helped that Casey was just two and a half years old... The friendly shopkeeper smiled at Casey, and waved us on our way.  He didn't charge me the penny.
As we left the store, I was deeply disturbed by my brother's act.  As I grasped Casey's hand, and we began the walk home, I attempted to explain to Casey what a naughty thing he had done.  I can remember distinctly the tears coming down my face as I explained to Casey that people who steal things go to jail and that he must never, ever steal things.  This one-sided conversation continued for the duration of the walk.  It ended at our garden gate with a final, "Casey, you must never steal."

I didn't even tell my parents of Casey's transgression.  I was too upset and worried about him.  I didn't want anyone else to know what might lie ahead for Casey's future.

My brother Casey, never ended up as a criminal in prison as I imagined him that Saturday afternoon.  He is currently a law student at BYU.  He has the desire to defend the law, not break it.

I like to think my ten year old wisdom, had a lasting effect on him.  

I hope the same for Megan's words of wisdom to Drew, last Saturday morning.  I will give her some of the credit when Drew will be able to eat food from a bowl without dumping out the contents.

What a blessing big sisters are.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

How It's Done At Our House

Easter for us began on Monday evening.  Our FHE introduced the last week of the Savior's life. Joshua rode into the family room on the toy horse, re-enacting Jesus' entry into the city on Palm Sunday.

Thursday during dinner, Luke taught us about the Savior's introduction of the Sacrament at the Last Supper, and Megan taught us of the events in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Friday during dinner, Ellie told us that Jesus died for us on the cross.

Sunday morning, Megan taught us about the Resurrection.

Though, these conversations and lessons, are important to our little family, our children are very normal. Though they patiently endured and attempted to listen to the weeks lessons, there was no coaxing or encouragement needed to participate in the 'fun side' of Easter.

Our 'fun Easter' traditions are:

Coloring and decorating eggs on Saturday night. This is 'Nana's thing.' I don't enjoy it, I'll happily do the preparation and the clean-up, just not the coloring and decorating.  This year I allowed my kids to color a dozen eggs each.

Sunday morning, at the bottom of the stairs begins a candy trail.  The trail leads in and out of rooms, around tables, and counters, to the spot where the filled Easter baskets have been left.

New shoes from the Easter Bunny

Hunting for the colored hard boiled eggs the 
Easter Bunny hides.  
(A tradition from my childhood that may need to be re-thunked!  Hiding and finding 48 hard boiled eggs?!?)

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Upside Down and Giggles

So I broke down and did a 'trick' for April Fools Day.
I served everyone's dinner with the plates upside down.  It produced a few smiles.

And when I said I needed to make an effort to laugh more-I didn't mean, get a severe case of the giggles at the 5th grade Maturation Clinic!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

1.  Is it just me or does it seem that more and more businesses have adopted the practice of advertising on the streets?  Pizza, taxes (I've written about this before...), furniture, you name it-there is probably a sign somebody is holding somewhere looking like a fool whilst trying to gain your business?  Do they really work?

2.  I was shocked last week when talking to a mother of a brand new baby, that I wanted to tell her to "Enjoy every second of the newborn stage, it will go all to quickly."  When did I become a newborn lover?  I think it was when I was pregnant with Joshua.  And though I am making every effort to enjoy every second of the other stages, I still look forward to the day when diapers, sippy cups, and car seats aren't part of my day-to-day life.

3.  I have made a greater effort to enforce certain chores with deadlines at our house.  I am tragically aware of the consequences of poor work ethics.  I will do my best to teach a good work ethic to my children. 

4.  One of my favorite novel settings are the Amish community.  I think we can learn much from them.  Though they are far from a perfect people, I think faith, forgiveness, simplicity  (not to mention,good home-cooked meals) could eradicate a lot of problems in our society.  (I would also love wearing a dress everyday...)

5.  I am not very good at mopping my floor regularly.  I have no set day or time frame in which I mop.  Grossly, it usually finally happens when my feet stick in more than one place, too many days in a row. 

6.  I tend to see the glass half empty instead of half full.  Is it a personality flaw to be more pessimistic than optimistic? 

7.  I am consciously making an improved effort to laugh more.  I wish laughter came to me far more naturally.  I am working on it, it makes our home a much 'lighter' place.  Since when did I become so ornery that laughing has to even require a level of consciousness?

8.  I am constantly coming up with fabulous new ideas in an effort to make my kids more obedient, work harder, and get along better.  Many last no longer than the first couple of days.  Why do I keep trying?

9.  I am so tired of paperwork.  Getting my mail used to be a highlight of my day.  Now I avoid going to the mailbox any more than twice a week.  The paper annoys me.  I stand outside at my garbage can, while sorting my mail.  Close to 90% probably never makes it into the house!!  The kids backpacks each day after school, are just as bad... I try to remain guilt free as I throw away carefully written spelling tests, art projects, even report cards...  (Of course, some are keepers.)

10.  My husband works A LOT of hours.  Though I am grateful beyond words that he is gainfully employed, I complain a little too much. I know, I know, I am contradicting number 3.  Come to think of it, I work even more hours of the week than he does... Least he gets to leave his workplace each evening...

11.  Though I am by no stretch of the imagination an environmentalist, I do wish I remembered the re-usable bags I keep stocked in the car. But with the effort it takes to get the baby, the toddler and sometimes the kindergartener into the grocery store, who has the energy to think about saving the planet?

12.  Sometimes I daydream about living in a big city, as a young single girl in her 30's, with a corporate job and a hobby of shopping.  I am about as far removed from that daydream as possible!

13.  I think homework should be banned.

14.  My brother would be very disappointed in me, but I am becoming an uninformed citizen as far as politics go.  I've retreated into a shell and often times know very little about what is politically, going on around me.

15.  Joshua's John Deere at the Farm lift the flap book that we read at least three hundred times a day, is soon to have the same fate as some of the other books...behind the couch.  Isn't that positive parenting?  I am trying to help him broaden his literacy interests.

I wish I could say some of these are jokes, as today is April Fools Day.  But they aren't. This is me.  Besides, I think April Fools Day is dumb.  You won't see any joking from me.  Maybe I should reconsider my feelings about April Fools Day, maybe it would help with number 7...

And those are my thoughts for today, Thursday.
What are yours?


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