Friday, June 18, 2010

Changing My Tune

It may surprise you to know, that while at Cub Country with Luke the other day, I had a great time.  I loved it.  I really did.  I loved seeing Luke doing things he does in the course of a day for him, in a beautiful, organized setting.  (Roping, BB gun shooting, nature hike, knot tying, etc.)
I loved the set-up of the camp.
I loved that teenagers/young adults ran the camp.
I loved the beautiful canyon we were in.
I loved seeing the diversity of the boys in our group.
I loved the other leaders I was chaperoning with.
I loved the smile on Luke's face when he would search me out, and then find me.
(drum roll please)

I loved the fact that the BSA program exists!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Yep. Indeed, I said that. 
Me: one of the biggest complainers and BSA dislikers of all, was so mightily impressed with the goodness of it all.  And as I was trying to explain all of my thoughts to Mike that night, he put the words perfectly in my mouth: 
"Good wholesome fun."  

How could one not want their child to be a part of that?!?

However, don't become too alarmed.  I still have a lot of dislike with the red tape and bureaucracy of the BSA program, not to mention the LDS church's involvement.....
But for now, I'll just revel in the fact that this week, I am proud to be associated with the BSA!!


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