Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fresh Flowers or Going to Bed

I spent the other evening with a group of 12-15 ladies in a party-type setting. The set-up of the evening isn't what matters, but the insight I came home with was invaluable.

I had an epiphany...

While one of the ladies was presenting her item, she mentioned how much she loved fresh flowers.  She continued to say that she always has fresh flowers in her home.

"Fresh flowers?"
"I wish I always had fresh flo. . ."

And then I stopped my thoughts before they could continue.
And I changed my thought to:
Good for her! That's wonderful that is what she likes.

We as women, so quickly and easily fall into those traps of what she has, what she does, who she is.  Sometimes we forget what I have, what I do, who I am.

Don't think you have to love interior-decorating because another lady has a beautiful living room.  Perhaps that is her interest.
Don't rush out to buy a brand new camera to take fantastic photos because a favorite blogger friend does.  That is probably her hobby. 
Don't beat yourself down because you aren't a great public speaker but the lady up the street is.  That is probably one of her qualities.
Don't feel discouraged because you don't even know which singing part you are singing, but the woman singing next to you has a well trained voice.  That is probably one of her talents. 

You get what I'm trying to say.  It isn't even about our talents, our gifts, our hobbies, or our interests.  It is about who WE ARE. Who are you? Who am I?
Sure, I would love fresh flowers at my house every day.
But guess what I thought of instead as I drove home?

Recently, in a random conversation, I was telling a lady that Mike and I go to bed together at the same time each night.  It is extremely rare that one of us would go to bed without the other.  It's just what we do. Mike and I never made a conscience effort to do that, it just happened.  And guess what the lady said?  "I can't believe you can do that each night. I'm jealous, I would love if my husband and I went to bed at the same time together. Lucky you."

See friends, it's kind of like the fresh flowers...

We each have 'our thing.' Whether it's fresh flowers every day or the same bedtime together each night . . .
Think of what you do have? Not what you don't.

I'm finding that contentment, makes all the difference.


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