Monday, June 14, 2010

A Memory for Monday (with a pickle)

For my 11th birthday, about eight friends and I had a birthday party at the McDonalds in Sutton High Street.

My friends and I were seated on the train that sat inside McDonalds.  Of course, I was at the front.  Though I have always considered myself to have a pretty good memory, I can only remember four things about that McDonalds experience.

#1 Apparently it was pretty bad service, and we were able to go back a few weeks later and 're-do' the whole party.  (Well except, I had to split the number of guests allowed with my brother, Matt.)
#2 I remember thinking it was pretty cool touring the back kitchen of McDonalds and actually standing in a freezer.
#3 I remember going to each 'table' on the train and everyone of my friends, not liking pickles had removed it from their burgers.  Each girl had the pickle sitting on their hamburger wrapper.  I picked up each pickle and ate every one.

And then for some reason, in my later teenage years, I guess I quit liking pickles.  Every high school lunch when Melanie and I went through an Eat-A-Burger stage, it was routine for whomever wasn't driving, to remove the pickles and throw them out of the window.
('Mel and Tiff' taken sometime around the pickle days)

Well, except for the day I thought I would be funny.
Melanie and I were in Orem, it was fairly late at night, and before our drive home, we stopped at Eat-A-Burger to get a hamburger.  As Melanie was driving away from the drive-thru,  it was my job to remove the pickles from both of our burgers.
Except, remember, I thought I would be funny.
Not only did I not remove her pickles, but I added my unwanted pickles to her hamburger.
I then presented her hamburger to her to eat.
She was not happy and did not think I was funny when immediately upon her first bite, she tasted...

I actually love pickles now.  In fact, a hamburger, is not a good hamburger unless it has lots of pickles on it.

My pickle memory has been written up, ready to post for a few weeks now, but I'd actually forgotten I'd written it until today. . .when I attempted to be funny again. . .

Mike and I were driving home from St. George, and because he was the driver, he periodically asked me to unwrap a Starburst for him and put it in his mouth to eat.  Only thing is, he only requests the pink and orange ones.  So. . . trying to preserve more of those desirable flavors for me, AND in an attempt to be funny, I secretly unwrapped a red one (who likes red Starburst besides Joshua and Luke?) and put it in his mouth.
He relived the pickle story EXACTLY.  The disgusted face, the disgusted sound, and in true pickle fashion, the window was rolled down and out flew the partially chewed red starburst.

And like Melanie almost 20 years ago, Mike didn't find it funny either.
At least I think I'm funny.  I'm still laughing at both!

Why I chose to do A Memory for Monday.


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