Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is Normal?

What really is the definition of normal?  Because sometimes when I look around at other families, I don't quite see the same things...

Ellie is constantly outside at a table with friends and...PAPER! Paper, paper bowls, crayons, markers, straws.  If you can envision it used in a craft project, Ellie will gather it.  In fact earlier today, she got four gift bags each with a stack of cut up pieces of card stock and gave to any willing participant.
 Megan doesn't do anything half way.  If she's playing with water toys, she gets every single one out.  If she's having an outdoor sleepover, she gets every single blanket, sheet, game possible (allowed!).  And then she wonders why it takes so long to do clean-up!
A husband that after our traditional last day of school scone party, asks, "What else can I do with the hot oil?"  So...Mike (and friend) attempted to fry, tortillas, onions, tortilla chips and even cereal coated ice cream.  It is no wonder my dad on his way home announced, "I'm not sure my tummy feels very good."
 (Excuse the blur.)
 Of course my little boys are little heros and my favorite people during nap times.  And they do fit into more 'normal' categories.  And of course, me, I'm normal.  After all, what 'normal' mom doesn't love naptime!?

And Luke.  Well Luke has always been in a slightly different category than most.  This is a summer afternoon playing camping!   With big hopes that the camping set-up will be allowed to be used overnight...

Note the 'campfire' the huge backpacks, a mess-kit, and of course the emergency orange tree tent he received for Christmas two years ago!  (It was excitedly used overnight by two brave little boys...)

I hear people complain that their kids watch too much television or play too many video games.  Sometimes I wish that were my problem.  There would be so much less mess to clean up...

Normal: I'm hoping (and believing) it has a very broad definition.


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