Friday, July 9, 2010

A Natural Leader

Recently,when catching up with an old friend on Facebook, she reminded me of how bossy I was as a child. 
 Me? Bossy?
Well that's besides the point here.

For some reason my children have always been natural leaders.  Kids in the neighborhood always flock to them.  If my kids aren't out in the cul-de-sac playing, others aren't.

Ellie is the middle child. And though she sometimes takes the 'silent route' she is no less of the leader and/or boss as the other two kids are.

Today I went outside and there on the driveway were four neighbor kids, Ellie and Joshua.  Ellie had a card table set up, a carefully labeled drinking cup for each, a water squirter for everyone, popsicles for each and was in the middle of bossing giving instructions to the neighbor children of the next 'summer camp activity.'
Only one child besides Joshua was younger than her.

Wish my old friend could have seen it...


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