Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Children Are Watching

Sometimes I am not afraid to express my disappointment in a service I receive, or voice my dissatisfaction with a situation.

(Okay, more than sometimes.)

For example, yesterday when I picked Megan up from a two-day sewing class at the local fabric store and the project wasn't even close to completion!!!!!  (They will be calling me to reschedule a time she can go finish it.)

Or when the waitress messed up all our orders once at a restaurant, and didn't ever once re-fill our water drinks you can bet I asked to speak to the manager. (My bill was reduced significantly.)

Or a couple of weeks ago when I got home late one Saturday evening from a popular local restaurant with take-out salads, and there was NO DRESSING in the bag.  (Kindly my neighbor whose motorcycle is still a new novelty was happy to go pick the dressing up and the complimentary chips and salsa they were giving me.)

I always try to be very kind.  Firm, but kind.

I was quite proud the other day when I was at a PTA meeting and Megan called to say,
"I am writing a letter to the city." 

Here is the letter, written entirely by herself that was hand-delivered to a city councilman:

Dear __________________ City Council, 

There is a trail and a park behind my house. The park is fun to play at and the trail is fun to ride or walk on. But this summer the trail and park has not been enjoyable.

Almost every time I go to the park the grass is soaking wet from over watering making your shoes and feet wet. When you walk through it, it splashes on the back of shirts making them muddy. There are also a lot of weeds growing in the grass. Along with some of the grass being soaking, some of the grass is dry. 

There are still stakes on the trees from when they were planted. I’ve lived here for 5 ½ years and the trees were planted about a year after I moved in. They are old and strong enough to stand. Some of the stakes are metal and some are wood. They are dangerous with little kids running around. It is a safety hazard. When they first built the trail and park, they planted trees around the swamp area. About a dozen of them are dead including the ones at the park. It doesn’t make the trail look very nice. 

The bushes growing along the fence are over growing. My dad has to trim the ones growing into our yard quite often. That is about a half hour he could be doing something fun with my family instead of trimming bushes that he pays taxes for. 

The trail is another problem. It is cracking, crumbling; weeds are growing through it in some areas. On one section of the trail, it is a little lower than other parts of the trail. Water will cover about four feet of the trail with about one inch as the shallowest and about six inches at the deepest. Because of it there are two dents like things in the trail, causing it to crack and crumble. If we pay a little now to fix it, we could save a lot of money later. Weeds are growing over the trail in some parts, there are sometimes poky weeds growing through the trail causing flat tires on bikes. 

On the North side of the trail there is a whole bunch of trees with thorn type things on the branches. That is not the only problem with the trees; they are taking up half the space of the trail. If you’re walking or riding a bike with someone, along that whole section of the trail you have to ride or walk in a single file. 

I understand that the swamp and weeds are wild, but if we don’t take care of it, pretty soon the trail will be taken over with them. _______________ is a nice city. Why should a park/trail hidden by trees not be?


Megan _________
Age 11

I like to think I've been setting a positive example all these years with my 'not afraid to speak up' mindset...


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