Thursday, September 9, 2010

Around Here

Saturday morning as I approached the neighborhood after exercising, I saw Ellie leaving the doorstep of the neighbor's house down the street.  Fortunately, I hadn't been a few minutes later.  Or, I may have not got the chance to tell the dad, to "Ignore the invitation that was just delivered.  There is no tea party at our house at one o'clock today."  Sound familiar?
Luke shocked us all by saying 'math' and 'fun' in the same sentence!!!!!!!!!!  Luke loves his new school teacher  and is enthusiastically relaying keyboarding lessons, reading in the classroom tent, and math games.  Although enthusiastic in nearly all areas of his life, school (and piano) show the least enthusiasm.  As parents we are thrilled at this added enthusiasm.
Megan spent a night with Grandma Laurie and came home with the recently purchased material, sewn into a skirt.  I'm sure there was plenty more love and harmony between Grandma Laurie and Megan during the cutting out material and sewing than during the hemming part Megan and I finished at home....  That part wasn't so loving and harmonious...
While driving through downtown Salt Lake City recently, I spontaneously told Mike to stop the car and took a few of the kids on a Trax train ride though the free fare zone of the city.  Joshua didn't stop smiling.
It is a proud moment 95% of the time when Drew is asked 'Where's your nose?' he gets it right and there is no laughter from siblings.  (The other 5% of the time his finger goes up his nostril and laughter is heard from sibling onlookers...)

And that's about as exciting as our life gets around here!


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