Friday, September 17, 2010

Luke's Latest

Recently while alone I saw an advertisement for an old fashioned rocking horse.  I briefly thought how much my boys would love that, and thought nothing more of it. Until that evening after dinner, when completely coincidentally,  Luke called me outside to show me what he had been working on all afternoon...

A wooden horse.

Take a closer look at that handi-work:

Although it doesn't quite rock, and the paper-towel mane was removed by a mother who didn't know it was a horse mane to wipe the nose of a toddler, the boys (Mike and the neighbor adult included) love it.

I wish I had a photo of Mike riding the horse while Kellen pulled it in the wagon.  (Actually, I'm glad I don't have photo proof because then you don't necessarily have to believe that my neighbor and my husband looked like complete fools...)

And though this horse would never be sold in a magazine or advertised on the television, it is yet another of Luke's creative projects that I wish I could keep forever.

And, I'm not sure the horse is completely finished yet.  The last words out of Luke's mouth this morning as he left for the bus were not "Bye Mom" or "I love you" or even "See you later."  They were, "I'm going to put stir-ups on my horse when I get home."

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