Monday, September 6, 2010

A Memory for Monday (September 1996)

Following the Sunday evening on the hammock with Mike, I continued on with my plans to go to England.  (Yes Susie, of course, I saw you during that trip!)  

I promised Mike I would send him a postcard every single day.  (I now know Mike well enough to know, he probably didn't really care if he got a postcard or not, but he went a long with my kind gesture.)  In fact, I came across these postcards just a few weeks ago, and really was quite amazed how much information I publicly shared in an-anyone-can-read-it-postcard.  (Especially his mother who probably got to the mail, long before he did...)

I also tried calling Mike once, on Labor Day.  Thinking he would be home, I called his house, but he was boating at the lake.  When his mother asked if he could call me back, I replied, "No, it's ok.  I"m in England, by the time he gets home it will be too late here." 
(Mel and Tiff at one of my very favorite places in the whole world; Boxhill, England, 1996)

My trip to England was a great two weeks of contemplation.  Aided by my BFF joining me for the last week there.  In between me tour guiding and Melanie being the tourist, we daydreamed, made bets, and speculated of my future with Mike.

And it was on this trip, that I had my last serious, deep conversation with my beloved Granny.  I told her that I thought maybe I would marry Mike.  Her reply was, "I know you will marry a good man. You needn't think too much about it."

And really, to make a long story short.
I came home nervous, anxious, excited and thrilled to see Mike.
A few days after returning home, Mike and I, hmmm, how should I put it?

After more than two years of being friends, we moved forward...

(I know my eyes are closed, but remember this was in the days before digital cameras to see your picture.  
Melanie, Tiffany, Brett and  Mike--and their London Policeman hats we brought them back as souvenirs.)

Within a couple of weeks, we knew we would get married. And so with me attending the University of Utah full time, working three jobs and him running his landscaping company, and forty miles between us we 'dated' for the next five months, before actually deciding to get a ring, set a date and move forward.

But the love story isn't over yet.
And I'm not talking about now.

I'm talking about the day Mike proposed...

Stay tuned for why I went into the ladies bathroom stall at a restaurant to cry on the day Mike proposed and why I pinched Mike's cheek really hard after him proposing....

Happy Monday!


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