Monday, September 27, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With An Unkind Comment)

As with most of the LDS women's population, I was deeply touched by the words spoken by President Thomas S. Monson at the General Relief Society Meeting on Saturday night.  Not only did it make me squirm a little in my seat, and feel some much earned guilt, but it motivated and encouraged me to be kinder to those around me.

And so today, I'll remember a not so kind comment I once repeated.  This memory, along with Saturday's talk will be the beginning of a new challenge for me...

In England in 1980-1981, the country was all abuzz with the engagement and upcoming marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.  My 1st grade class was equally alive with the excitement and enthusiasm of one of the top news stories of the time. We wrote letters and sent pictures to the Soon-To-Be Princess and Prince Charles.  Our class was thrilled with the letter we had returned to us, water-marked from Buckingham Palace.  (I also sent a letter myself and still cherish my personal reply!)

And so it was with pride, joy and childish excitement that the following photo appeared in our local newspaper with a short caption chronicling the recent events and general excitement of our class.

Cheam Park Farm Infant School 1st grade 
(I am on the top right)

Upon seeing the photo in the newspaper, my mother innocently remarked, "Too bad Leigh has her mouth wide open in the photo."

The next morning, immediately upon seeing Leigh at school I retorted, "My mum said you ruined our picture in the paper because your mouth was open big."  I remember feeling slight fear when Leigh's tears immediately started and I quickly attempted to take back my words as fears of her telling the teacher overcame me.

I don't remember if she did tell the teacher.
But I remember feeling really sad that I made her cry.
I should never have repeated to anyone what I heard my mother say.

And thirty years later, I can't help but mentally writhe as I realize,
If I can remember this event, perhaps she does too...


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