Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Important Half

There are a lot of ages that are worthy of great celebration.

Of course a first birthday is big.
Eight years old, for us means Baptism.
Twelve years old is a milestone in our house.
Sixteen of course will mean driving.
Eighteen means adulthood.
And so on and so forth.

But I have to say, though we've had several first birthdays, a couple of eight birthdays and soon a twelve year old birthday.  The one that causes me sheer elation with each child, is their first HALF birthday.

The one that means they are one and a half.
Which means they are EIGHTEEN months old.
Which means they can go to the Nursery while at church, and not go to classes with me (and Mike).

The nursery leaders were especially kind this last Sunday and let Drew come in four days early.
And though usually I am a crier, and have in fact cried upon leaving my first four children in nursery for the first time.  On Sunday I didn't.

I love Drew.
Really I do.
But today is a special day...
Drew is one and a HALF!

Happy Half Birthday Drew!!!


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