Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Outdoor Carnefel

Friday night was time again for another Family 'Carnefel.'  Of course, as usual, each child was responsible to come up with an activity (or two) for all to join in. 

This time we had a few firsts...
Not only was it outside, but we had our good friends and neighbors, Kellen, Kari, Miles and not quite two week old baby Damon join us, and a prize table!

(The only condition of our friends joining us was that they didn't laugh at what to us, is so normal...creative kids, unique activities, etc. etc.)

The 'timed straw sucking to move paper stars activity', courtesy of Megan (Which Megan won.)
(Megan) (Ellie)
The 'dropping a small disc up high into a bowl' activity, courtesy of Ellie. Which after participating, won you three Starburst.  Kari won this game.
(Ellie, Kellen and Daddy) (Megan, Kari and Miles)
The "'mechanican' bull on the trampoline so you don't get hurt", courtesy of Luke.   I'm not sure who actually won.
 (Luke and Joshua Luke and Ellie)
Throwing balls into a bowl of dyed green water, courtesy of Megan.  Which Your's Truly skillfully won.
(Back of Megan, Kellen, back of Miles, Ellie and Drew)
Roping the calf, courtesy of Luke.  Which, Kellen, a former rodeo roper, won.
A timed obstacle course, courtesy of Megan.  Which Daddy clearly won in just eleven seconds!
(Ellie and Mom)
And with the small paper stars Megan distributed to all based on participation and scores, was the chance to pick out prizes at the end.  The prize table, courtesy of Dad's money, Mom's time and Megan's effort was a big hit.
(Megan and Luke)
And of course we can't ignore the impromptu sand-box playing and the jalepeno eating contest that no-one but Mike and Megan were dumb enough, did.
(Megan and Mike) 
(Miles and Drew)

And that is how we spent Friday night. 


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