Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parenting at it's Finest

Recently Mike sent me the following photo, courtesy of his cell phone...

 (Drew's shorts had previously been removed after he was literally stuck in some wet mud almost up to his calves and could not move...)

Recently, we were at an outdoor party complete with live music, great food, good company and some ______.

Back to the photo:
I'm not sure if Drew got placed in the horse trough during the aforementioned party,
a. for a good photo opportunity
b. because he wanted to
c. so Mike didn't have to keep chasing him
d. because Drew had drank a little too much beer earlier to notice where he was standing...

And that part is no lie.

While relaxing, visiting and enjoying the evening, I glanced over at Drew just in time to see him with a beer bottle up to his mouth and his head tilted back....

Despite the fact, it would have made for a great photo memory,  I opted instead for responsible parenting and quickly ran to his side, removed the bottle from his grasp, wiped the beer from his lip and reminded myself that I've never ever claimed to be in the running for Mother of the Year...


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