Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon we spent a few hours in Park City. Seems like we fit a lot into those few hours...
  • Dinner with in-laws/parents/grandparents in Park City (same people, different titles)
  • Playing chess with oversized pieces
  •  Ping-Pong with an over-enthusiastic eight year old who has never played
  • Disagreements about a hike vs a drive
  • Eating ice cream aside the inviting pool
  • Children sad it was Sunday and couldn't swim in the previously mentioned pool
  • Traditional attempts at the United States puzzle (No timer this time!)
  •  Mike and Tiffany alone on a beautiful, fall-colored canyon drive talking with NO INTERRUPTIONS.  (Thank you in-laws/parents/grandparents!)
  • A cranky one year old who needed a nap, got refried beans on the condo drapes, squooshed grapes in the carpet, emptied out a deck of cards, cried, explored, etc. etc.
  • Stopping at the park Mike wanted to check out on the way out of town
  • Arguments over the wooden bike
    •  Joshua's cowboy hat and then Joshua flying out of Daddy-Induced-Spinning Mushroom.
    • Whining that the allotted park play time was over
    • Sick-from-spinning-too-much eight and eleven year old, who remained quiet, dizzy and ill for the drive home.
    • Wound up children in the back seat that shall remain nameless receiving several warnings.  Remaining nameless three year old who cheekily laughed and scooffed at the thought "Dad says he'll stop."
    • Carrying through with said-threat of "I will pull over if you do not stop."
    • The laughter, sounds and smiles instantly stopping the same time as the car and no sounds from remaining-nameless-children as Daddy, Mommy and Megan played musical chairs...
    All that in a six hour period.
    No wonder everyone went to bed quickly and smoothly.


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