Friday, October 8, 2010


A friend of mine, who actually happens to be the (M.O.M) Organization Queen recently did a post of full disclosure.  She was brave enough to step into territory we as mothers too often try to hide.

It isn't the territory of misbehaved children, or even mommy temper tantrums, I'm talking---messes!
You know that which we as mothers and/or women are always apologizing for the second someone enters our house.
(Well except, I try not to apologize anymore.  Even though I did recently refuse to allow myself to post a CUTE photo of my son on this blog because the books on the shelf in the background were extremely disheveled...)

April wrote in her post,
"Some friends and I were talking a few weeks ago, and we figured it would be helpful to women worldwide if every blogger posted a photo of her own beautiful mess.  You know, so we don't feel alone...and so we don't feel sorry for the other moms out there--supposing that they never get to experience the fun of beautiful messes."

Now I certainly don't know if I agree with her entirely.  I'm honestly not sure I ever have or ever could call my messes "beautiful" but I will admit my house is 'lived in' and I'm very proud of that fact.

And so today I present to you my kitchen:
My dishwasher was full of clean dishes, the sink overflowing with dirty ones...
Obviously, someone(s) forgot the 'everything has a place rule'...
Items found in the kitchen/entryway.  Anything from cowboy chaps to a water bottle to exercise shoes....
I'll even grace you with my sweeping pile this morning...
(I'll even admit that I am known to throw away ALL of my swept up pile, although cowboy, hairclip and all three hot-wheels avoided instant disposal today.)

All this reminds me of the quote I have hanging in my kitchen,

I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.  I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.  I want to be there with grass stains on my shoes from mowing Sister Schenk's lawn.  I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbor's children.  I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from  helping to weed someone's garden.  I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and tears of a friend on my shoulder.  I want the Lord to know I was really  here and that I really lived."--Marjorie Hinckley

Believe me.
We're living.


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