Friday, November 5, 2010

An Indifferent Win

Before school even began, Megan saw a PTA magazine that stated this year's Reflections contest theme, "Together We Can."  Megan was determined to enter a photo, and chose her cousin Annie as the subject.

Knowing that IMAX tickets were being given to each participant in our school district, I suggested all of my children participate so that everyone could receive a ticket.  Ellie was less than interested, but went along with the idea of submitting the photo that she had snapped while assisting Megan with her photo shoot.
Fast forward a few weeks to Monday.  I received an email with a submission for our PTA newsletter.  As I read through it, I saw that Ellie was the winner in her category.

"Ellie, your photo of Megan and Annie won in your Reflection's category."
"What's Reflections again?" questioned Ellie.

With a shade of green in their eyes, Megan and Luke listened, slightly disappointed that Ellie who ended up a winner, was the one who really didn't care to enter in the first place.

Such is life.
Congratulations Ellie!

(The 6th grade entries haven't been judged yet, so Megan is still holding out hope...)


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