Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho-It's Off To Work...

I love that when Luke wants something, he usually asks what he can do to try to get it.  This time around, his list of possible chores were given at bedtime and plans were made to work on them the next day after school.

The next morning he woke up slightly earlier than usual and went straight to the piano.
Followed by going upstairs to the loft/toyroom to clean up all the toys.
Next he came back downstairs retrieved the window cleaner and paper towels and proceeded to clean the inside of the sliding glass door.
His mind was so focused on how he could earn his $5.00 (back) that he didn't seem to be bothered about going outside to clean the other side of the door.
Even though it was 30 degrees outside and he was wearing only his underwear.
Upon finishing the door, Luke started to clean the bathroom, but getting dressed and ready for school was highly recommended (by me).

I love that about Luke.  He knows how and when to work.
Well, sort of...
Just not how and what to wear!


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