Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now I Know My ABC's...

Megan learned to read at three and a half years old.  No lie.  Though she could sing the ABC song at 21 months (courtesy of my tutoring), and I pulled out a wooden ABC puzzle for her when she was two and I taught her the letter 'N' was for Nana and 'G' for Grandpa, the real credit for her reading early is owed to Mike.  While I served in a YW calling and attended meetings after meetings, Luke was often sleeping and Mike used their alone time to teach Megan to read.  By the time she was in pre-school, her teacher periodically left Megan reading a book to the class while she ran downstairs and made copies. 
Of course I was a proud parent.

Luke learned to sing his ABC song and learned to read when he was ...  That doesn't really matter, he was busy learning how to build, explore and create.  But he did get a great review from his teacher on Tuesday and all is well in the academic department.
Of course I was a proud parent.

Ellie started reading chapter books last year in Kindergarten.  I'm not really sure who gets the credit for this.  Though she still had some access to the wooden ABC puzzle early on despite the missing 'T' and 'J', I have to admit she was not treated with the equal one-on-one time that the firstborn was.  And it was sometime during her pre-school year that I realized she could recognize simple words.  Truly, Ellie's above-grade-level reading ability should probably be credited to non-other than Ellie herself.  
Of course I am a proud parent.

Joshua loves to read books and has been able to sing his ABC song for over a year now.  But just a couple of months ago I began to experience feelings of panic when I realized that Joshua doesn't recognize any of the alphabet letters and Megan could READ AT HIS AGE!!  So a few weeks ago out came the magnetic letters and a big cookie sheet pan.  (The wooden ABC puzzle after losing more letters than 'T' and 'J'  is in it's final resting place at the local landfill.)  There is a reason I do not home-school my children... (or teach them to read!)   Learning to recognize letters with a three year old is not exactly my favorite leisurely past-time, I feel like nothing is sinking in.   (Then again, cleaning toilets is not exactly my favorite leisurely past-time--but it's in the same category--they need to get done!)  So alas, we keep on going.

This morning Joshua sat on my lap while I read him a book.  We had just said 'The End' together and I closed the book shut, when Joshua started pointing to the letters on the back.  And while I sat there in complete and utter shock, he pointed to the letters and said
'L is for Luke'
'D is for Drew'
'C' is for Casey and Cindy
'B is for Bum-Bum'  (We do know people whose name starts with 'B' but for some reason, bum-bum is more fun to say.)
'K' is for Kellen and Kari
'U' is for James  (Ok, so we still have a little work to do!)

But still, I am a proud parent.

Four kids knowing their ABC's (almost).
Only one to go!


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