Sunday, November 14, 2010


(I thought this thank you was very kind to put in the program. 
It wasn't  until a couple of hours after church that Luke saw the printed program.  He beamed.)

A dear lady from the days before we moved,  frequently referred to 'PayDays' for mothers.  At the time, my three children were much younger than most of her grandchildren, but I appreciated the sentiments of her words.  Today, I thought of Sister Ann Searle and wish I could tell her that today, I understood what she meant.

As Megan sat playing the harp today during our Primary Sacrament Meeting Program, Mike knelt below her holding the microphone (Who knew the church doesn't have a microphone stand?!?). My dad leaned over to me and whispered, "Don't you wish you had a picture of that?"  Of course I did.  As I sat watching Megan (and Mike) at the harp, and Ellie and Luke singing enthusiastically, my mind took a picture.  One I hope never fades.

Megan played her harp solo and then harp accompaniment clearly and beautifully.

Luke recited his (written by himself) part somewhat nervously, yet with a sense of confidence as he recited from memory,  "Me and my dad set up chairs at the church every Sunday.  I also help my dad clean the garage.  Each week when I take our garbage cans out to the street I take two neighbor's cans too."

(Before Ellie said her part, I leaned over to Mike and whispered, "I hope Ellie remembers the KEY word of her part."  Mike questioned, "What's that?"  "SOMETIMES" I replied.  I wouldn't want anyone to think scripture reading is magical at our house...)

Ellie said her piece flawlessly from memory.  Quoting from a Primary talk she gave earlier in the year, she confidently declared, "My family reads the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes when we are reading it is nice and peaceful in our home.  It is easy to feel the Holy Ghost at those times."

This year, ALL THREE of my children participating sang every word to every song.  They were reverent.  They performed their written parts and musical parts almost perfectly. 

As the Bishop closed the meeting, he eloquently spoke of the Savior's visit to the Nephites, and reminded us of the Savior gathering the children around him.  It is no wonder that when we read the account in the Book of Mormon, it tells us that the Savior wept.

Today my children, joined by all the children in our Primary taught us in a way no adult ever could.  Today was a payday.  One of those brief moments where all we try to instill in our children shows.  Even if just briefly.

And of course, it will be an even greater payday if my children forever live the words with as much enthusiasm as they sang them today,
"I know He lives.  I will follow faithfully. My heart I give to him, I know that my Savior loves me."


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