Monday, December 13, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With Granny and Melanie)

Probably close to seventeen years ago, my parents hosted a Christmas dinner party at their house. A long table had been set up in the kitchen/family room to seat all of the guests. Later that evening when the party guests had gone home, my BFF Melanie, and I found ourselves scavenging some of the left-over dessert. Probably without any conscious thought, but just because we always seem(ed) to do dumb things, one of us sat at one end of the long banquet table and one of us sat at the other as we delved into the surely scrumptious dessert.

My Granny walked into the kitchen, and upon seeing us sitting at opposite ends of the table asked, (insert a proper English accent here)
"Did you get in a row?"
('row' pronounced 'rou' means to get in a quarrel or disagreement)

Every so often, I'll text Melanie to remind her of this memory.  Usually my reminder to her follows having had Mike's extended family over to dinner and/or another large dinner gathering that we have set up a long banquet table for to seat everyone.  It doesn't usually get taken down until the next day...
Last night was no different.  After a dinner party last night with a decent size group, the tables were still up this morning.  As my children sat down to eat breakfast, I sat down at the opposite end of them to eat mine.  With a proper English accent I asked them, 'Did we get in a row?"

Of course they all looked at me like I was nuts, and of course I regaled them with my story of Granny, Melanie and our non-row evening almost seventeen years ago.

I insisted Megan take a photo and instead of texting Melanie, I decided to write the memory down.    And though the memory is inconsequential and of fairly little importance, it is one of those memories I don't ever want to forget.

Happy December!


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