Thursday, December 2, 2010

Real Giving

Each year during the week after Thanksgiving, our elementary school hosts a 'Santa's Secret Workshop.'   Managed by the Student Council with the help of parent volunteers, children are able to buy affordable gifts for family members.  (Personally, I have never been a big fan of the idea.  Think dollar store items meets overpriced fundraiser items...)  But with Megan on the Student Council, my volunteer time was requested and when Luke and Ellie came into visit me during my shift I allowed them to pick out a 'gotta-have' gift for Dad and Grandpa.

Yesterday morning, Luke left for school with a few dollars in his pocket.  I bit my tongue from telling him not to spend his hard-earned money on junk that I imagined him buying for himself.

I'm glad I bit my tongue when he returned home from school.  His smile was wide and his enthusiasm contagious as he excitedly told me he picked out a Christmas gift for Ellie.  He predicted she would love it and he couldn't wait to get it wrapped.

And then Megan came home.  Luke excitedly began telling Megan about the gift for Ellie.  "Come upstairs and I'll show you" he pleaded.

That was all I heard of 'Ellie's gift.'

Until this morning.  As Luke was walking out the front door for school, he turned back around.  With a very serious and a slightly embarrassed tone he quietly whispered,
"I have an early Christmas present for you, Mom."
He pulled out of his pocket the bracelet he had so excitedly and proudly picked out for Ellie.

He hadn't noticed, until Megan pointed it out to him that the pretty red bracelet packaged in the pretty red draw-string bag that he had thoughtfully picked out for Ellie, had a heart hanging from it that read M-O-M.

It is an early Christmas gift I will always treasure.
And though the inexpensive bracelet will surely not last long, the memory of my son with the true attitude of giving will last forever.


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