Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smack Dab in the Middle

Guess I'm on spotlight number three.  Luke and Joshua have had their turns, now it is Ellie's.

Though all of our children are certainly unique, Ellie's personality is a little more unique compared to the others.  There are days she can't help but endear herself to her family members, and there are other days that... well, there are other days...

Ellie loves, loves, LOVES baby dolls.  Our spare bedroom is filled almost entirely with baby dolls, strollers, cribs and all types of baby paraphernalia.  It is no secret that toys strewn from here to kingdom come, gives me a severe case of ruffled feathers.  Yet, for some reason, I have far more patience for the baby dolls, baby clothes, diaper bags, doll bottles and blankets that seem to have a presence in nearly every room, nearly all the time.  I think my patience comes from my own memories of LOVING baby dolls myself and of course knowing, that the days of baby dolls being left lying around are numbered.  With no other girls to follow Ellie, it is a phase, I get teary eyed thinking about soon being over.

Ellie loves her two little brothers.  She is also very normal, and at times can't stand them.  Ellie prides herself on being able to 'babysit' Joshua and Drew and will never let you forget what previous monetary agreement may have been negotiated until payment is received.  Fortunately, her understanding of money value is clearly in my favor...

Ellie is also notorious for papers, markers, papers, pencils, papers, crayons, did I mention papers? Being left in any empty bag and on any empty solid surface.  I can't imagine Ellie ever becoming a 'tree-hugger'.

Beyond, Ellie's dream of growing up and being a mom, her latest desire is, "When I grow up I'm going to be a school teacher and a church teacher."

Ellie is somewhat of a picky eater.  She has home-lunch nearly every day. Periodically, I write notes and put in my kids' lunch boxes.  Usually, Ellie only has school if it is pizza or macaroni and cheese.  I loved her little thinking process that must have thought, "When I have home lunch, mom writes me a note.  When I have school lunch, I write mom a note."  I loved after school recently, that I found sitting on my counter this note:

One of my favorite notes/drawings recently, was this note written by Ellie during church last week:

If you know Ellie, well, you know that Ellie's facial expressions and tone of voice at times clearly scream, "I'm trying to act like a grown-up."  It is so hard to capture them on video and camera.  They are a memory that will really only ever be kept in my mind.  Just the other day, Ellie walked out of our bedroom in her grown-up mode, Mike smiled and turning to me said, "Ellie is so cute."

She really is.
.... most of the time....


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