Thursday, June 30, 2011

28 Hours

Cousin Camp, Glorious Cousin Camp.

This is the third year my parents have done Cousin Camp, and the first year all of my children were old enough to be invited. So I had hours and hours to myself. Oh it was heavenly. I even had a husband laying in bed throwing up, so I was really by myself. I loved every single minute of it. (Well except for when my throwing up husband needed some assistance.)
Making t-shirts, water slides, rain-gutter ice cream sundaes, picnics at the park, outside movie, sidewalk chalk, and games make up the hours of Cousin Camp.  The only drawback I see is that we always wait for the very end to take the big group photo when most of the kids are tired and ornery. One child (whose child could that be?!) in particular was very uncooperative!!

In the past, we've given credit to both of my parents for hosting Cousin Camp, but I'm really thinking that maybe the credit belongs solely to my mother...
We LOVE Cousin Camp around here.
Now if we could just get it extended to a week-long camp instead of a two-day camp, life would be REALLY good.


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