Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Stuff

Ellie doesn't have to make her bed until the end of summer due to her bravery in jumping off of the diving board at her cousin's pool Saturday afternoon. Now if you know me well, you know that is quite the reward, as unmade beds are cause for very loud noises from the mother. As Ellie stood by and watched me make her bed this morning, her smile was every bit as big as it was when she resurfaced from the water after her inaugural jump. Ellie has now surpassed me in her swimming and water experiences, I am very proud. Since her victorious jump, I've been contemplating overcoming my own water fear, and maybe jumping off of a diving board myself one of these days. But I've already shocked my family enough this weekend with the thought of mom being okay with an unmade bed for the rest of the summer. I'll have to space the shocks out a little.

Luke announced that with the combination of Goat Hank drinking lots of water and the water that 'alaporates' he has to fill up the water buckets frequently.

In Primary today, Mike was recognized and sung a birthday song to, due to his upcoming birthday this week. There were no other children (or teachers) being sung to, so he was given a little personal attention. The chorister had the children guess how old he was going to be turning on Wednesday. Their guesses ranged from 46-67!!!!!!! For not liking his birthday much, Mike wasn't shy about declaring to the children, "I am accepting gifts all week, not just on Wednesday."

Megan stubbed her little toe the other day. I think I've told you before that she isn't my favorite child to be sick, hurt, or in pain. Enough said about that.

Ever nag? Well I do, and sometimes the nagging doesn't work. Case in point: I've been asking Mike to cut Luke's hair for over a week now to no avail (Did you know Mike is our boys' hairdresser?) My strategy to get the job done? Attempt to do it myself while Mike is downstairs in the family room singing during ward choir practice. Knowing Luke was not presentable to leave the house (especially to church), Mike was forced to find the time to fix my efforts. My defense? Luke told me Mike takes off all the clipper attachments to do around the ear. According to Mike that is NOT TRUE.

We were invited to an impromptu birthday party for my deceased grandpa tonight. Really it just turned into an extended family 'visit and eat' while sitting on my parents front flagstone patio (courtesy of my dear husband). It was a very, very, pleasant way to spend a humid, Sunday evening. Even if Joshua consumed enough sugar to add even more cavities to the current three in his teeth! At least he wasn't the one 'drinking' the sugar left in the bottom of the bowl from the already consumed Sour Patch Kid candies.
(Why does it look like everyone is interested in what I am saying except for my own husband!?!)

Luke must have felt no animosity towards Mike for having to mow the lawn this week as he mowed 'D-A-D' in the front grass. Unless I were to have climbed onto the roof of the house, a good photo really wasn't possible. I never thought three letters mowed into a lawn could make me teary, but it did! Imagine the floodgates if it were to have said, M-O-M.
(Says Ellie during the photo: "It's kind of like we're getting married pictures, huh Joshua?")

Joshua lamented while passing a construction site on Friday afternoon, "Why can't girls be workers?" and "How much stuff does it take to build stuff? So, so, so much?"

Ellie recently asked how people "learn to do stuff." After a brief discussion about college, degrees, and education, she declared, "I'm going to be a school teacher or a dentist. Then I'll be a Mom, but you don't have to learn anything for that."

And that was our weekend.
Here's to a new week.
Happy Monday!

PS: After re-reading these last two items, I'm thinking instead of spelling tests this week, I might introduce my children to a thesaurus.... too much usage of the word 'stuff' around here.


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