Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pick A Chore

Around here, we aren't afraid to try new family systems every now and then. Some last for just a little while, some last for a lot longer. But for a couple of summers now AND all through last school year we had a 'Pick A Chore' System. When school started this school year, I decided to try something new.

There was public outcry!!!
Okay, well that is a slight exaggeration.
Just a couple of kids requested it back.

I guess they like taking the risk that even though they may get one of the not so desired chores, they may quite possibly pick out one of the sticks that says, "Lucky you-no chore" or "Hug Mom and tell her you love her."

Somehow, knowing they could have chosen the 'lucky you' or 'hug mom' stick makes the tasks seem so much more bearable than simply the same old chore every day.

My friend over at Power of Moms, asked me to make a video of some of our family systems and submit it for the site. We decided to make a video of our S---Y Cent Program/Store, but I CAN NOT believe how many attempts it took to make the video. It was an absolute nightmare. We had a screaming toddler, a belligerent grade-schooler and a pre-schooler picking (and eating) boogers. ALL ON CAMERA!

My pride prevented me from sending in that video, so Luke and I attempted a simple video with just one child. (Except Drew still insisted on being heard in the background...)

If you can believe it. This is the child that pleaded and begged for the Pick A Chore System return and here he is on video telling me he doesn't like it????!!!!! I was pretty mad when I turned off  the camera, but considering I was on my 3,487th try to get a decent family system video, I was not going to do it over. Even if I could have staged it all very nicely. It is what it is. It is our reality. (Luke's off-camera reply when I asked him why he said he doesn't like it, "Mom, what kid does like chores?")

Oh well. We now have a permanent record of our Pick A Chore System. It works well for us, even though we did begin doing 'same old chores every day' last month. It's a new family system this school year, and I'm thinking my kids are hoping it's one of those systems that won't last...

Oh, and by the way, Mike just recently came up with a grand idea for a new family system, that we are going to implement during our Saturday Cleaning Hour. It has something to do with toy money, a list of chores, and an auction. We'll see how it goes...


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