Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seventy Six or Not

Today at church, a lady visiting mentioned she was there to witness her seventy sixth great-grandchild's baby blessing. That's right folks, 76.

I can't remember anything else she said after that, as I was mentally calculating how many children and/or grandchildren she had first, to produce that many great-grandchildren. Perhaps in preparation of our extended family party after church, I began to further calculate if seventy six great-grandchildren would be attainable for my in-laws.

There are currently seventeen grandchildren on Mike's side of the family, and I assume there will still be a few more. Seventy six great-grandkids is really not that far off from a reality.

With the exception of two of those seventeen that live across the country, the rest of the grand-kids live pretty close by each other. Yet I'm embarrassed to tell you how long it had been since we were all together until tonight.

As Mike often spells instead of says-

Why do we allow ourselves to get too busy for family?

I think about the great-grandmother today, with a posterity of seventy six plus and counting.
I think about my in-laws with a posterity (counting kids, in-law kids, and grandchildren) of twenty seven and counting.
Everyone (minus six), together tonight talking and laughing and visiting. It hasn't always been this way, and I wouldn't have always said it...
But what a great group to be a part of.

"Can Hank come when the cousins come? You know he's part of our family now, Mom."

(Joshua and Caleb)
If Hank's allowed at a family party, apparently Daisy is too. Even if the rabbit owner is sick and wearing her pajamas.
Someone had one too many cupcakes!
Ending with seventy six great-grand-kids or not, ya gotta love what there is.
And I do.


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