Monday, October 24, 2011

Priceless Gifts

I guess while shopping at the store for my birthday, my kids reminded Mike that I wanted some new hand-weights. To which Mike replied, "I think we have enough things for now."

Luke, ever the thoughtful gift-giver, couldn't bear for me to go without them. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when just after I'd unwrapped my gifts, I was presented with some '91/2 pound' weights. To which he exclaimed, "I even weighed them so they're right."

And then there was the heartfelt card from Ellie that told me,
"You are pretty much the best mom.
"You magic stuff, you play games, take me on dates, see you are the best mom!"   

And of course the homemade cake and card from Megan, the cowboy drawing from Joshua and the scribbling and assisted 'I love you' note from Drew.

I loved all my store-bought things, but really these other things don't even compare.
They're priceless.

I love that Mike helps 'remind' the children to do something from the heart as well as simply wrap a store-bought present.

Except for the home-made weights...

The credit goes entirely to Luke for those.


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