Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanks, But No Thanks

Luke's 4th grade class had a creative assignment last week. They were asked to bring a home-baked dessert cut into the shape of Utah. The brownies, cake, rice krispie treat or dessert of choice needed to be frosted with white frosting and taken to school on Friday morning.

The students would then decorate the cake with 'mountain ranges', 'lakes' and flags marking important places in Utah. According to the teacher's note, the dessert would then be brought home "to enjoy eating together as a family."

Excuse me?
Now I'm really not exactly a germophobe, but eating a dessert that has not only been transported to and from school by a nine year old boy on a school bus, but that has sat on a school desk for six hours being poked and prodded at by the said nine year old boy and who knows how many other students in the class is just not high on my choice of caloric intakes.

I didn't mean to offend Luke with my honesty when he asked if we could make Rice Krispie treats for his Utah dessert. Immediately upon him asking, I declared too abruptly, "What a waste of ingredients!" to which sweet Luke (knowing they are one of my favorite desserts) replied, "No, you can eat them when I bring them home."

I didn't say much other than, "I'm not sure how edible it will be with how many hands will be touching it all day."

Luke, the one who frequently needs reminding to wash his hands when returning from 'Hank's house', the rest room, or horse lessons, assured me he would keep the dessert safe while at school.

Friday afternoon, I happened to be sitting on the front porch as Luke approached the front yard from the bus stop. As soon as Luke got within hearing range and before any personal greeting to his dear mother, Luke declared with a proud grin on his face, "Mr Mills was really strict about making sure no one touched each other's Utah desserts, so it is totally fine to eat."

I looked at the stretched piece of blue candy that was now resembling the Great Salt Lake and tried to ignore the finger prints I could see in it. I tried to look past the pieces of cereal depicting the Wasatch Mountains that I was certain had been placed by little school boy fingers, as Luke talked about how yummy it will be to eat it as a family.
Instead, I decided to grab my camera and capture the big, proud, school boy grin. The bright sun prevented me from capturing the perfect picture. As I reviewed the picture on the little camera screen--it wasn't the squinty eyes or subdued smile that disappointed me... It was the dirty fingernails and fingers proudly holding  the Utah dessert pan belonging to my nine-year old dessert-maker son who had grand plans to share his creation with his mother.

I oohed and aahed over that thing. I made a fuss of every lake, mountain range, river and sign.

Then a couple of hours later, I did what any good mother would do...

As Luke gathered with four friends plus three siblings at the back door looking for a mid-afternoon snack I suggested, "Oh Luke, why don't you share your dessert with your friends. They'll love it."

Completely forgetting any plans of bonding with his family around a Utah shaped brownie dessert, Luke proudly cut up and served his friends the piece of their choosing.

Unfortunately there was none left for me.

Darn it.


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