Monday, October 17, 2011

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Another one of those times I wished I had a photo to capture the memory, but will instead forever be a 'mind memory'...

A few weeks ago, as an outdoor party with a live band winded down, Mike and I found ourselves sitting in a chair each with one of our little boys asleep on our laps. The fall air was crisp, the sun had gone down, people were slowly anticipating the end of a grand evening. As the band played out the strains of a slow song, I watched a young couple in a lovers embrace. And then before the stanza even finished, hand in hand, this young couple skipped down the driveway. Now I know this couple quite well, and I know skipping is not typical behavior for them. But filled with the jovialness of a crisp fall evening, hand in hand I watched the glaring lightness in their step as they made their way down the driveway as though they were first graders on an elementary school playground.

In that instant, I wanted nothing more than for those high school sweethearts to remember that moment FOREVER. Whether or not, they are still in contact with each other in twenty years or so, I want them to remember the lightheartedness with which they skipped, and the carefree thoughts they held as they embraced.

Too quickly real life sets in. All too quickly children turn to teenagers, and teenagers turn to adults. Jobs replace spontaneous dates. Bills replace loose change used at a drive-thru. That young couple in love is on the brink of it all changing. And though those changes bring with them more joy, more fulfillment, and more delight than what they currently have, they don't come with the same lightheartedness and carefreeness as yesteryear.

The young lovers left my line of vision. As much as my mind was focused on wanting them to capture their moment, my heart felt full as I looked down at Joshua asleep on my lap, and Drew asleep on Mike's lap next to me. Mortgage payments, dental bills, and broken appliances aside, life is good.


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