Sunday, November 20, 2011

Half Birthdays ARE A Big Deal

Today is Ellie's Half Birthday. You can be reminded of the details of a half birthday here. They are a very simple day, and in no way resemble the pomp and circumstance that surround real birthdays around here.

Ellie though, must have forgotten the simplicity of half birthdays, as she was quite disgusted this morning at breakfast when she declared, "Nobody has wished me a happy half birthday yet."

Furthermore, she was slightly offended when Mike asked her to help do some clean up later and she questioned, "Even on my special day?"

But then again, Ellie has had a countdown for today for quite some time now. A countdown for a half birthday? Either we're pretty pathetic around here, or Ellie has just patiently gone through the 7 week stretch that included Drew and Joshua's half birthdays and Luke and Megan's real birthdays and she is obviously just feeling the need for a little special day herself.

Well, today was it.
Ellie is 7 and A HALF!
(Please note Ellie's possessive hand on her can of soda. We don't get soda much around here, and when we do, it is a hot commodity--check out Drew eyeing it...)

As I've mentioned before, half-birthday gifts are nothing more than a dollar store type gift, but not the half birthday gift Nana gave, a pillow-pet.

I think this little girl went to bed pretty satisfied with her half birthday.
Now if this innocent and angel-like demeanor continues on during Ellie's waking hours tomorrow. Life will be really good.


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