Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adult Reading Only

***Warning--Do not have a young child reading this over your shoulder please***

So I've stirred up a little bit of a controversy over at KSL's website this morning with this article...

I was asked to write an article about "The transition from Santa to reality..." You get the idea...
Here's my response to the comments that clearly have a few people riled up.

#1 I wrote the article clearly under those guidelines. I was not asked to write an article on "The true meaning of Christmas" or about Jesus. I understand those parts of Christmas, and I actually was assigned an article along those lines that will be at a later date.

#2 Parents are concerned their believing children will read the article. Excuse me? What child of believing age really needs to be on KSL's website unsupervised. There are a lot of news stories completely inappropriate for a young child to be seeing.

#3 I have never understood the whole if Santa isn't... than how can Jesus be... argument. Just don't get it. I have been a believer in Santa, the Easter Bunny and even the Tooth Fairy and have never once doubted the reality of Jesus Christ.

Now, far be it from me to burst any young child's bubble, but I felt as though I accepted an assignment to write for and in an adult forum, and I would feel terrible if a young child read my article.

Obviously, I won't be showing that published article to my children. And fortunately, Megan is the only one of my children that occasionally reads my blog.

You can click HERE to read the article.
Merry Christmas!


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