Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Annual Visit

I rounded everybody up on Saturday afternoon for a quick trip to the local country store to visit with Santa. Two of our family members were less than thrilled to be going, but kudos to them for coming along anyway.

I guess at this point I should mention that I believe every child should sit on Santa's knee. Tears and fear aside, it's part of Christmas. Kind of like me being obligated to taste-test mince pies as a child. Mince pies, Santa's knee, you get it. There's no saying no.

Except Drew was PETRIFIED and so I momentarily bagged the individual knee sitting chats for a group photo in hopes of warming Drew up.

No such luck.
After everybody else had their turn sitting on Santa's knee, Drew was still sitting in a big chair across the way declaring, "Want go home." I was not about to let this little boy escape telling Santa Claus himself, his little wish that he has been declaring to us for days, "Santa bring me truck."

I was feeling mildly rushed and was very conscious of the fact a mother behind us was waiting patiently in line with her TWO children, while my FIVE children were individually sitting on Santa's knee and smiling for mom's camera. (Excuse the fact that nearly every picture is blurry--I told you I was rushed!!)

Yet despite my mild consciousness and guilt of the two patient pre-schoolers waiting behind us, I HAD to get Drew to sit on Santa's lap. Yet all my pleading and cajoling was not working... Until I remembered Santa had candy canes in the big barrel next to him that he had just passed out to the other kids. (Guess Drew's fear had momentarily left him unaware that his four siblings were each holding a Drew sugar favorite.) Just as I finished up asking Drew if he wanted a candy cane he hopped down from his safe haven and approached Santa. Santa must have thought Drew terribly brave and further asked, "Can you give Santa 'five'?"
Well what do you know--Drew obliged.
As Drew was returning to the safety of the other side of the store, Santa really got Drew's attention. It is at this point that I must mention that Drew is a bona fide hypochondriac, so when Santa brought attention to the owie on Drew's head, Drew was caught hook, line and sinker.
(Remember my mild guilt of making the two patient pre-schoolers behind us wait? By  now it was rapidly turning into major guilt--thus the pictures started getting blurrier.)

And then, what do you know?
Drew started chatting with Santa about the owie on his head.
And then before you know it, Drew was sitting on Santa's lap chatting with Santa about the owie on his head like he was his best friend!
After the owie talk had been well and truly exhausted, Drew made his humble request for a truck, then wishing Santa a "ree-ree Istmas" Drew hopped down off Santa's lap.

And that my friends is why I force the issue of sitting on Santa's lap.


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