Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Big Day

I read somewhere this year that someone had Santa came a day early to their house to avoid the chaos of Christmas morning. Wwwhhaatt? That's what Christmas is, and I absolutely can not imagine not wanting the chaos of Christmas ON CHRISTMAS?

Oh well. We love Christmas morning around here, in all of it's chaos, mayhem, excitement and messes.
My kids waited patiently on the stairs for about 20 photo attempts for this picture. I remember clearly the agony of waiting on Christmas morning for my dad to get clothes on, for my dad to go to the bathroom, and for my dad to turn on the Christmas lights. Even though in reality it probably only equaled 5-7 minutes to a child it was foorrrrreverrrrr. I am sorry my children now have to have the "long" wait too, and posing for this picture was part of it!

For a few years now we've had the kids draw a siblings name to purchase a gift for. My kids LOVE planning, shopping, wrapping and presenting their gifts for each other. It really is a highlight of Christmas morning for me. I especially loved seeing Luke and Ellie plan, shop and wrap each others gifts. Though not exactly the siblings that get along the best, they really put a lot of thought and love into each other's gifts. (a cowboy hat for Luke and a makeup set for Ellie)
Drew didn't quite understand that he GAVE the gift to Megan, and instead claimed it for a few minutes for himself. Although when he finally did hand back Megan's umbrella to her he announced "For you walk to bus stop."
Joshua's trademark smile showed when he received a 100 piece art kit from Megan.
Joshua and Drew blurred together as one green bundle of Toy Story pajamas after Drew opened a Hot Wheels car that Joshua thoughtfully picked out for him.
What a wonderful day! We are truly blessed.
Santa brought Drew a music stand. Look at those photos of him just staring at it. All the coaxing in the world could not get him to use it at first. An hour or so into Christmas morning he started his singing and conducting, and hasn't stopped since.
 Joshua received his long awaited for "Jesse and Buzz" toys AND a new cowboy hat after his black one mysteriously went missing this fall.
 Megan received more clothes than a small clothing store and was thrilled to receive a chair from Nana to go with her desk she purchased herself earlier this year.
Ellie LOVED her baby doll, and I LOVE that she still loves baby dolls. It will be a sad day when she doesn't receive a baby doll on Christmas anymore. Ellie was thrilled to get a new desk and a new chair courtesy of Nana and Grandpa. Too bad the desk was damaged. She is patiently awaiting the arrival of a new one.
Luke always receives unique gifts that many 10 year old boys would have no interest in. But he is of course thrilled with them all. The highlight most certainly was his wood/leather burning kit.

My favorite quote of Christmas morning, "Shall I open this for Hank and Hazel or take it over and let them eat it open?"

Goats on Christmas morning? Whoever would have thunk it?!?

And so this is Christmas! (insert John Lennon's voice here)
(That's the extent of my holiday listening anymore. 7pm Christmas Day, Christmas music is over for me!)

Merry Christmas!!


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