Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Don't Forgets

Love what has turned into an annual baking day. Homemade caramels, toffee and fudge this year. Even if one tray of caramels had to be thrown out and one batch of toffee ended up tasting like onion from an unwashed pan! (Melanie's not mine!)

I love the patient waits for dinner parties to begin.
No photo but-I love that on Christmas Eve afternoon Mike sent me out to get a pedicure. I think he was desperate to get me to calm down and quit barking orders at everyone! The highlight though was coming home and finding a Christmas bouquet of flowers on my counter. It made me smile more than all my Christmas gifts combined. 

Joshua's Christmas train from pre-school.
I love Sundays in December with kids always dressed "just so". And of course I love, love, LOVE the reindeer sweater Luke has worn for four years now. I'm just not so sure he'll fit into it next year and I surely think I will cry. (You can read the story of our Christmas sweater here.)
Of course there are so many other things I don't want to forget, but probably will...but as long as I never forget the excitement, chaos, magic and joy of five young children in December all will be well.

December is now over, now it's onto the new.


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