Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa, Ice and Fries

Bet that picture makes you look twice. Winter clothes and life jackets to see Christmas lights?
That's because Utah law requires life jackets on boats for children under 12. And when you're going on a Christmas Cruise you've gotta obey the law.
(excuse Mike's hand--not sure why it is in the picture)
Ellie quickly declared Santa a "helper" rather than the real thing. Guess the canoe instead of a sleigh was a dead give-away.
After the Christmas cruise down the Provo River, Mike had to drive further to explore his old stomping grounds around the Provo boat harbor at Utah Lake. Mike and the kids were thrilled to discover the lake frozen and entertained themselves with finding as big a rocks as possible to throw onto the ice. (It was pretty frozen, the rocks didn't break through.)
Mike was so excited about the big rock he threw and the thud it made as it bounced on the ice, that he summoned me to join him on the precarious rocks and watch him throw another one.
I don't think I gave Mike the excited reaction he was hoping for when the rock hit the ice, but I did give Megan a pretty excited reaction when she told me she "just got the coolest background in this picture." Kind of looks like we were on the moon.
And that was tonight's "soak up the week before Christmas activity"...
A Christmas cruise with Santa and throwing rocks at a frozen Utah Lake. Oh and a stop at McDonalds for french fries and ice cream.

Doesn't get much better than that now does it?


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