Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doesn't Take Much

You know there is always so much talk about how entitled children feel nowadays. They expect a lot... they think they are owed something... and so on.

But Ellie? Not so much.

A little over two years ago all Ellie wanted to do on a date with mom was to go to the store and buy deodorant. (You can read about it HERE.)

It was recently Ellie's turn for a date with Mom and Dad. The possibilities are somewhat endless for the child to choose what to do. Same criteria as always--should fit within a 1.5 hour time period and of course fit our family budget. Restaurants, mall trips, fishing, trip to Cablea's are a few examples of what have been done in the past.

Ellie was told she could choose. Her choice??

"I really want to go to the dollar store and buy glue sticks?"

With the glue-sticks in hand, Mike and I offered to throw in a trip to an ice cream store for good measure. New glue-sticks or a Baskin Robbins ice cream cone? I won't tell you what Ellie preferred.


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